Art and Soul Day 4,5 and 6

October 20th, 2008

Soldering – 3 days with Sally Jean (and Brad) I almost didn’t notice it RAINED each day.  I will say though it cleared up for the most part – but there was always rain.

For now I am just posting the photos from class – it was great.  Well it was really two classes – soldering for Virgins and then the glass house class (2 days).  There were only 5 of us in the two day class.  Boy did I ask a lot of questions, lol.  Sally Jean and Brad are both so generous with their knowledge!  Thank you!

another student foilingnumbers keep comingdoing it by the numbersnumbering the roofcreative fellow students workanother students designs - so creativemy house from the insidewelcome to my housereindeer have been herenew house outside SJnew house inside for SJgingerbread trim likeBrad’s toolschairs

Art and Soul Day 3

October 20th, 2008

This day it rained.  What a surprise.  A native did tell me that they say it rains every day in October.

So this day I took Robert Dancik’s bead like no other and then Jan Harris’s Beachcomber bracelet.

A Bead like no other – now who could NOT sign up for a class like that once they heard the title?  At least any beader/jewelery out there!  Very interesting class.  I definitely learned a lot and will try to make more of these plexiglass beads.  The down side is the saw of course, lol.  But then again that might be the up side!   After one saws a few dozen circles then sawing becomes old hat?

Robert’s work – the second photo can be opened up into a BIG shot.  It has one bead with set in items, one with a scratched and painted surface, one bead in the process of being filled with an expansion item, one bead made out of reflectors and the tape trick Robert has for holding the beads while sanding!

plexiglass lentilsclose up of lentils

Great class and fun teacher.  And as a bonus Tonia Davenport was a student in the class.  She has additional information on plexiglass (she has a great book out on it).  Two teachers in one!

The Beach Bracelet – I can’t remember the class title at the moment.  The class was fantastic.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from Jan – do.  She really tries to get you finished in class.  Since this was an evening class that meant 3 hours to do this – well she had kitted EVERYTHING for us.  How nice is that?

Jan also demo’d (and let anyone who wanted to do it) the copper charms and how to drill a shell.

Etching and coloring copper in 3 easy steps (ok a bit more but still!!!)

etched copper for charmscoloring coppersanding to see etching

And a couple photos of the classroom and my work area – the only time I did that all week!

A busy class!

my bracelet in work

Art and Soul – Day 1 and 2

October 20th, 2008

The only day of NO RAIN!!!  October 1st.  Coming from the desert its a bit of a shock to be in rain pretty much 24 hours a day.  I never really felt warm, miss that heat.  So if you are going to Portland from a dry climate – sweaters are a good idea!

So day 1 I flew in – no classes – just settling in, doing some local shopping, etc.  It was fun!

On my first FULL day at Art and Soul 1) it rained all day 2) I took a day class with Stephanie Lee – WOW!  and 3) I took a night class with Jan Harris – WOW again!

Chain Gang – what a great name for a class.  And we did way more than just chains.  The afternoon was devoted to Stephanie’s 3 chain patterns – all excellent and ones I had not learned yet.  The morning was spent on Bezels.  I have Stephanie’s book and now realize that there is way more information in there than I realized – I need to sit down and re-read the book!  The section on bezels I totally missed.

First off – Stephanie’s work is so creative.  Here are some of her class examples:

Stephanie’s bezel examplesMore of Stephanie’s stamping on the backBird Necklace by Stephanie

and My bezels – my bezels

I was using that teflon sheet and that was great.  Considering I literally had a fire inside the rectangle piece in the lower left corner.  Don’t know what I am going to do with my C (upper one) – it was what I had left over in the way of metal so I made it…could be interesting!

And that was just the MORNING part of class.  I will have to post my sample links later. Forgot to photo those!


The Bird with Jan Harris.  Originally Jan had 3 classes with this bird listed – or three versions.  I signed up for the evening – it was the only time I could fit it in and I really loved all of them.  Turns out that was the class that went so we did get to look at Jan’s other classwork.  For ours we had a full size PLUS bird.  I will have to add a photo of mine later with something to give you real perspective.  Here is a photo of Karen holding it so that might help.  And the birdcage (for a smaller version!) that Jan had for another class:

The Bird and KarenJan’s birdcage

Since I still haven’t finished my tail these are important photos – initial build of tail and then how it should finish:

Jan’s bird tail setupThe tail finished

I had to slip in the enamel work Jan did in Richard Salley’s class.  Its upside down but she did a SCENE.  WOW!

Day 7 – Art Unraveled

August 17th, 2008

Last day of conference…last class…and the long drive home only to go back to work the next day. Sigh.

Enameling Copper with Richard Salley. Great class. So glad I bought those precut copper shapes from Lonnies earlier in the week!

Below are photos of Richard soldering, some samples of his work, a classmate’s sample and then two classmates working – enameling and shifting enamel.



Finally – a photo of my projects:


Can you see those frogs in the lower left corner?  I managed to get that shape, flowers and hearts.  Then I also did the pendant design Richard taught us.  He has great methods of holding metal without soldering, etc.  And they look great!

Day 6 – Art Unraveled

August 17th, 2008

Today was SHOPPING and Patina’d Metals sample.

First shopping – Carol got me thinking when she bought the piece from Susan. It would be nice to have some pieces from various teachers. So I went shopping with the intentions of getting a Jane piece and a Josie piece. I succeeded…

necklaces from Jane:


necklace from Josie and a few other NECESSARY supplies:


Josie’s able assistant (not Kay this time) pointed out the quality of Josie’s work. She was right – I bought this piece further down and on its own its fine but next to a Josie or Jane piece – not the same caliber.   Having been to her online store I think this is not of the caliber this seller normally makes – at least not by what I saw posted.  Anyway, here is this piece:


Then I stopped at a place that was selling acrylic flowers and leaves – bought some. Have to find that website so I can order more! No photo – forgot to snap it. Maybe later when I use them on CQ work.

And found a place where the lady was stamping on those resin pieces I have in my jewelry supply selection and haven’t done anything with- its an interesting idea. Anyway, I bought cords from her to hang my pieces from Jane from. (And don’t you love that hand? Its a vintage glove mold. I was lucky enough to get a left and right hand…they are beautiful.)

Finally shopped at the other local mecca store for altered artists – The Paper Studio – because as they said they brought the store! I would show the papers but they are rolled up. But I did get some great pendants from them also. I guess they just started making these.


At this point I thought it best to go rid myself of my shopping so I could get ready for class. Then I had a bit of time so I tried Hannah and Gray’s booth one more time and was able to get to it! Here are a few of the things I bought there – always an eclectic selection, lol.


Class – Patinaing Metal

WOW! In this class I learned how to paint a sky. Ok I learned a lot more but Jacqueline Sullivan opened my eyes to painting again. I remember my Sky Dyes fabric class with Mickey Lawler – I just could not get a sky for the life of me. Thus I am a lifelong customer of Mickey, lol. (I still would be even if I had been able to paint a sky.) But in this class – at the end Jacqueline had us paint a mat board to float our patina’d metals on and she challenged herself (and us) to pick colors OUTSIDE of our comfort area. My fav color that always works for me is green. Then the reds and oranges and yellows. So I went for blue and purples. Her advice to take the darkest and start at the outside (or was that how I interpreted it?) worked for me. Here is my canvas with metal:


Ok – back to the purpose of the class. Jacqueline explained weather, heat, etc impact how each metal turns out. Also how much of the liquid and other items were with the piece of metal. Oh and the different metals. I need to redo some of my class experiment because I used too much saran wrap to hold the liquid and metal together – not enough sun! But I got some results so I understand the process.

Jacqueline taught us another way to etch metal also. Oh boy – this metal etching is fun!

Day 5 – Art Unraveled

August 17th, 2008

Another class with Jane – Captured! Bezeled Found Objects.

It was another day of soldering but without copper tape. Again a teacher made it way easier than I thought. (Light bulb moment – this is why I take classes – they have already done the work, the trail and error, that would take me months of frustration to get thru (mainly because I stop for a while when frustrated!). Someone once asked why I take so many classes – this is one reason. If I learn one “trick” in a class its the cost of my time/money doing home alone trial and error!)

Back to the class – Jane demoing soldering!


Some of Jane’s bezels:

A sample (of my yet not finished) bezels for the day! A face made out of a washer, bezels to hold a shirt and pants (both are actually lampwork beads I have been hoarding – I want to make them moveable in the bezel), a tire (long story about last trip to LA – scary), my failed attempt for the pants bezel and the heart bezel.


A sample of my tube cuttings (both at home and at class)!


And a trip

to Harbor for said cutter and a few other supplies – thanks for the tips Carol! And I just LOVE new tools!


Day 4 – Art Unraveled

August 17th, 2008

Thursday was Altered Curiosities – the Lighted Shrine – with Jane Wynn. Have you seen Jane’s book? Its wonderful! And between the two classes I took from her we actually covered a lot of her techniques. Its great when teachers are so willing to share so many ideas. (Josie was the same way and has TWO great books out there! Plus she is proposing a book on soldered items for the home – I hope that one goes! Great idea)



What a fun class this was. Artists think of the strangest things/projects and it comes out so great. Here we took one of those great crystal type frames that we buy (ok I buy) and then never use because they are a little too much maybe? Anyway, we took those frames, added a shadow box behind it and then punched holes and wired with lights. The above photos are of one student gluing the wires down and of Jane assisting another student in gluing the wries down.

My project is not finished – thus came out easier to photo because not glass reflecting back at me (I do wonder where I put that glass!) This will be for my oldest niece’s high school photo…she is 18 this year! Scary!


Most important lesson learned from Jane: TRY IT! She says her students come up with ideas she never thought of and she says try it – she has learned they are determined and will make it work. I think there is a great lesson in that for me – just TRY IT!

Most important tool Jane showed us – at least to me…and the technique is in her book already. Tube cutters:


Trip to Harbor Frieght was required!!!

Resin Charms

I have had Sherri Haab’s book on this for a while and in a previous blog entry (last Feb) did the heart earrings. Well since I had problems I thought it would be good to take her class and see what my mistake was. (There were several – mostly the one I knew about – not stirring enough)


I learned how to add the color (but use the same manufacturer that was specified…see my lifesaver!). This is the quick drying resin. When they came out of the mold I was not impressed but days away from them and I like them. (Not love them but they are definitely useable!)

Sherri demo’d making a mold (the lifesaver!) We played with two of the three resins she had. (I learned a lot about resin types – hmm if I had READ the book I would have learned it there!) And to keep my fingers out of the molds. Another student (and Sherri ) have the same trick I figured out – freezing the mold sometimes helps with hard to remove pieces, but they did it for other reasons.


We (some of us) tried Susan’s new resin – I loved it! Here are my examples along with the two hearts from Sherri’s resin kit I had at home (the ones I did for Valentines day). The bezels were from Nina Designs – great bezels, thank you Nina and Sherri!

Other news/info

I won a t-shirt! Great shirt from Golden (love those products)

Also the founder of Art Glitter Institute was there demoing – she has this great technique with lace…here is the piece she did to demo it for me:


Art Unraveled – Day 3

August 17th, 2008

Ah Wednesday! It was my down day. Ok, to be honest it was my SHOPPING day. And I do love to shop.

Of course the weather was like 106 with a humidity of 60%. What that should be a problem for a Las Vegan? Temperature wise not! Humidity – heck yea! We complain here when we hit 10%. Plus, unbeknownst to me, I was visiting several warehouses that use swap coolers rather than AC.

My first stop was SAS – a fabric warehouse. Once I adjusted to the heat/humidity I had a lot of fun. I added to my collection of fabrics for crazy quilting. Prices were great! I could have a lot of of fun there if the weather conditions were right.


My second stop was going to be Melrose Vintage. Well it was my second stop – but they were closed for the summer. Must be nice!

My third stop was Diane’s Ribbons. First in the title is the word RIBBONS and second its closing this year so hey I thought I should check it out! As you can see from the photos – no ribbons were bought. It reminded me of a shop in Hermosa Beach – a mom and pop craft store. Wonderful stuff that you don’t know you need until you see it, lol.


That was enough on warehouses for me so I headed to the local stained glass store to find a sickle stone and look around. I, of course, bought patinas also and sheets of the copper tape. Oh and some beveled glass pieces!

A quick stop at the bank – cash on hand is always a good thing! Then I went looking for Lonnies. Thank goodness I found it! I got a couple copper sheets (so I had them at home of course!), some copper shapes (precut) – more about that later, and a tripod. That was it – time for home!!!

Later Carol and I went to Lowes – I found it by accident…well we were looking for it and when the address #s went to high I turned into a shopping center and drove thru it to get turned back – there was Lowes, lol. I got my flux that Josie uses…I had ordered the solder already on line. All of this now sits here at home waiting for me to use it! (But I have a couple other projects to complete and mail first before I get to play, boo hoo!)

Art Unraveled – Day 2

August 17th, 2008

Two classes on this day!

First class Soldered Journal with Josie (and Kay) again.

Josie had designed a great cover for the soldered journal class but I wanted to make mine into a memory book of my art classes this year so after emailing Josie for dimensions (because it was an option for all of us to design a cover ourselves if desired) I made my front image the week before class.


I had decided a map – well 6 maps – of the areas I would (or have been) in for taking classes would be good! Its a fun year – ribbonwork with my favorite Aussie – Helen Eriksson, attending Art Unraveled, attending Art and Soul, attending the International Quilt Festival. The cover shows up with my class project!


Class itself – Josie and Kay made soldering easy. Kay was a stickler on getting that tape down (burnishing). At first I thought it was overkill. But since we broke for lunch and came back to start soldering – well I could instantly see places where the tape had not STUCK! And Josie has this neat trick of tapping the surface as she goes – makes for a cleaner look. I, of course, forgot that for part of it and boy did it make a big difference!

Did I mention we patina’d? Fun and a great way for beginners like me to blend in less than perfect soldering. Thank you Josie!

Evening Class – Buckled Memories

The class description missed a few key things – mainly we were transferring the photo to LEATHER! That might have brought in a few more students. Dorothy was a great teacher – it was an evening of challenges for her for sure and she handled it like a pro.

The whole project was an interesting concept. I had thought they were just frames and so had planned on grouping three together (I still have to finish this project) into a shadow box. Everyone else were making pendants to hang on a chain. So Dorothy taught us Richard Salley’s staple method and her original method of wiring the buckles to hang on a chain also! I learned a lot that night. One thing I learned (and Dorothy did also, lol) is that the tongue of the belt buckle comes in various thicknesses and I had the thickest Dorothy had ever seen (you see you have to cut that part off!). That took me quite a while to cut off. So here is my photo – this is not a done transfer though because I had the wrong type of paper. I will post later when I have it done:


My roomie had Susan’s class on resin that day and produced this:


The first piece is actually a ring made with the resined papers – really nice! The second piece is actually Susan’s work.

Art Unraveled – Day 1

August 17th, 2008

First day of classes. Mine was Copper Etched Journal with Josie C. and her able associate KAY!!! They made the etching process easier than I had been expecting – others had told me it was hard to do! Josie shared her stamps (great collection – some her design) with us and away we went.


Helpful info – did you know that tin snips can cut thru 24 ga copper? So much easier (and quicker) than using a saw. Josie says Tim Holtz’s new scissors also cut thru 24 ga.

It takes a while for the etchant to work so while that was going on I (and probably a few other students) learned that the word signature has a second meaning. Signature also means a folded section of pages in a book. The book we were making has three signatures. Josie made it all simple which I really appreciated.

What is it about a “technique” class where you get to do a project that is so rewarding? And Josie believes in student success so she had done so much prep work for us – we didn’t have to cut anything – copper, mat board, papers, linen thread. She pre drilled and punched all the holes in the covers. And she brought her able associate KAY. Thank you Josie and Kay.

The etching will be great to try with the jewelry process and making a book was fun so I might do that again!


The picture did not do the project justice. Its a tiny book – so cute! Plus I learned to etch! And here are a couple other examples and then some fellow students photos (mostly hands – I am recording hands at work this year).



oops – almost forgot Carol’s class project from Michael deMeng: