Valentine birds!

February 5th, 2009

Can you see the bird in this photo sent to my exchange partner?  This was from the Cupid’s Workshop I took!  Great projects in this online class.  I did the bird a bit different-I used florist spray to color my white birds.

photo 1

I still need to  finish the rest – I want to place them in a white tree – thought it would look very spring like!


As you can see in the not very centered photos I made 3 pinks, 1 yellow, 1 blut and 1 lime green bird.  The first bird is done and has flown the nest!!!

soldering class

February 5th, 2009

I signed up for Robyn’s class this weekend (Sunday) at Piecemakers.  Great class, great store, great teacher!  While I took Sally Jean last fall for soldering you would think I would have confidence but since I managed to burn my hand pretty bad in class (and not on the project or the soldering iron mind you!!!) – I haven’t really worked on soldering jewelry since then.

The best way to get myself going again is to sign up for a class!!!!  And this looked great.  I had high expectations and Robyn surpassed them.  For now here is a photo of the class at work soldeirng outside on a gorgeous day in Southern California…on February 1!

everyone soldering away

And some not great shots of Robyn’s work but glass is hard to photo because of reflections (at least that is my excuse).   Robyn does really great work with tiny bottles and she enhances them with buttons or such on top!  She explained how she built the box around the Charlotte on the left side also – I am going to try to make it more “fabric” oriented, although I do have some charlottes small enough to do that I think!  And notice those dice on the bottom!!!!

examples of Robyn’s workmore of Robyns work

Traci Bautista class

February 5th, 2009

At the International Quilt Festival one of the classes I took was with Traci Bautista.  She does very interesting work and it crosses over into all sorts of art forms.  This particular class involved taking a pair of jeans and doing something with it.  Some students decorated jeans (like me) and others cut up the jeans to make other items – purses, scraves, journal covers, etc.

Some students painted on designs, others stamped/painted/combed onto canvas fabrics and then cut those up and added them to the jean fabric.  I had a blast in this class – definitely outside my normal interests.  Laura ended up with a fairly funky pair of jeans (we had bought some cheap jeans at Garden Ridge of all places in case this project did not work) from the class.  And later I made a pair for  each of the girls – Laura, Suzanne and Emily.  (After I checked to make sure they would wear a pair.  I don’t want to make something they would not wear – I would rather give them a pair of plain jeans then so they could get some use out of them. )  Oh, this time we went to Kohls to get jeans for each of them.  (Yes it also helps if the jeans fit, right?)

First photo – examples of Tracis on canvas (to the right and in the back) and a design board example to the right.

Traci’s drawings

Second photo is of Traci demoing in the sewing room.  (In the morning we were in a painting room and the afternoon a sewing room.  The day before Traci had both rooms all day so she thought that was the setup for our class.  Nope as the three of us that worked through lunch found out!  There was another painting class in the “painting” room that afternoon so we had to move all the supplies, fellow student’s works, etc. to the other classroom.  That was an experience!)

Traci demoing

Oh – and the machine she is using is the Janome 6600.  Why do I know this?  Because I have one of these.  Traci has one but as a non traditional type sewer she was unaware of the footlift!  I love those knee press foot lifts, don’t you?  Also, the Janome rep was so nice – he repositioned these machines so each person still had a place to finish their painting (there were two machines per table and since we were a small class we could each have our own table).  Why do I thank him here?  Two reasons – these machines are great but HEAVY and I was the teacher’s pet so I would have had to move them, lol.

The last two photos are of fellow students working on their projects! One is diligently (and beautifully) painting a jeans skirt, the other is positioning her painted canvas with the pieces cut into hearts (wish I had looked at these photos before doing the girls – I would have done different shapes on mine!)

jeans skirt


One of the best things about Traci is how she uses EVERYTHING!  I don’t know if you can see the painting palette of the student – its a piece of transparency film.  Or notice the canvas hearts – some have been painted/stamped with household items.  Also the other leg was done with the oil crayons and rubbing sheets.  Traci travels constantly so her art studio is normally a suitcase.

Swap bot and blogging

February 5th, 2009

So I signed up for an exchange in Swapbot on blogging!  When I signed up for that my goal was to blog at least every day until February 14.  As you can see I am behind!  So I am playing catchup tonight since I can’t seem to sleep anyway!  This doesn’t count as a blog entry – just a reason to explain all these entries so quickly right now.

Journal class with Sue Bleiweiss!

February 5th, 2009

I am in an online journal making class taught by Sue Bleiweiss at Two Creative Studios  called Journal Making for the Fiber Artist.

Its a lot of fun.  I have finished the first project and am working on the second.  I think I am supposed to post these in the yahoo group or such.  That will have to wait until this weekend.  In the meantime here is the first journal!  Way simpler than I thought too, or else Sue is great at written instructions or perhaps both?Journal - project 1

I love this journal!  First – the fabric is one of my favorites – it reminds me of Dad’s measuring ruler, right down the the color.  Then I used one of Superior Threads great threads – this is one their Rainbow series.  Don’t you love the way it flows through shades of yellow/gold?

Best of all I now know what a SIGNATURE is.  I learned that last summer in Josie’s classes at ArtUnraveled.  And that is probably where I got hooked on making journals too.  And here I had only signed up for her two classes to learn soldering and metal etching (one journal had a glass soldered cover and the other had an etched cover).

The next journal is great also because the ‘signatures’ are removable/replaceable.  Oh – perhaps I should state that a signature is a group of papers, usually folded in half, and stitched in the middle to the book.  So as a rank beginner it seems that the # of pages in one signature might be 6 to 12 range (after folding), and that the hand made journals I have worked on or looked at might have 3 to 5 signatures in them.

Silk Screening with Suzanne At “International Quilt Festival”

February 5th, 2009

So my 16 year old niece (well not quite 16 then) and I took a class at “International Quilt Festival” in Houston last fall.  Why do I keep putting it in quotes?  Because her friends kept texting her before/during/after the class and could not believe she was a the “International Quilt Festival”.  They thought she was making it up.  So here is some proof she was there…

Here are some candid shots after she had thought out her design, cut it out, attached it to the silk screen, taped it down and finally printed it for like the FIRST TIME.

Suzanne hamming it upSuzanne at work Silk Screening her fish

And then her finished product.  It was a great class by the way.  I would only change one thing – well add one thing to the supply list – prewashed cotton t-shirts.  It could be optional for sure.  But this way Suzanne walked out of the class with 3 or 4 shirts already printed with her design (see below).

Finished product and so much more on the table

It was a small class by Quilt Festival size and three of the students were under the age of 18.  Well truthfully Suzanne at 15 was probably the oldest.  This is a sign that Quilt Festival needs to cater more the soon to be customer base such as these three.  I would have probably brought one other niece if the cost had not been so high.   Maybe Quilt Festival should offer a rate for teenagers instead of requiring the full registration costs.  Maybe just paying for one or two classes (without the registration fee) would be enough.  Also to run more classes like this one where they can leave with a finished product!

So the next day was Laura’s birthday celebration.  Suzanne designed a t-shirt for Laura with the baseball player on the front and the back saying Peterson with an 18 – similar to a baseball jersey.  Since Laura turned 18 it was perfect.  Suzanne can really come up with some very creative ideas!  And Laura knew instantly what it was.

We were very lucky that the teacher gave us tons of paints to take home because while I have almost every supply imaginable they were in Nevada not Texas.

Suzanne working at home with her newly learned Silkscreening skills

one result of her new skills

Sweet and Sinister Swap

February 2nd, 2009

Finally posting my acquired Halloween decor from Andria.  WOW!!!  I think my fav was the shoe with the bird (crow?).  Although the ghost with the witches hat/broom and those yummy chocolate sandwiches in it were really good.  I hung the cresent moon in my kitchen window so I could see it every day.

my fav!Swap treat boxswap moon

The witches picture and the notepad were great.  And finally those two images on fabric…haven’t figured out what I want to do with those yet – quilt?  pillow?  purse maybe?  Hmmm – I think I like the bag idea…a purse for the season!

The whole thingfamily portrait?my other favsmy other favs - family portrait?

goofing off

January 11th, 2009

I signed up for the valentine swap on A Year of Color being run by Artsy Mama.  She has the best swaps!


The rules are a bit different than last year and the previous.  For those we did a heart box full of cupcake holders with treasures related to Valentines day in it…craft supplies.


This year her instructions are:


Your package must include one of each of the following:

*One art/craft supply item (depending on what type of arts or crafts your partner does)

*One thrifted item and/or one handmade item

*One home decor item

*One heart item

How you package these items is also completely up to you. Again, try to package so that your partner will savor opening up each little gift of love. I would say to plan on spending $15-20 before shipping on your package. This can also be discussed with your partner.


And its supposed to be ” a fun idea to really personalize the package for your partner and give them little bits of things that they love.”


Well for my future exchange partner – I love almost every type of craft – you can tell even by the little I track in this blog.    As for thrifted – love old jewelry…I need to add a picture of my earring colletion to show you want I mean, also rickrack, neat wooden containers, candlesticks, pieces of glass (yep I sometimes buy a picture for the glass), old books (so love those),  and almost anything – seasonal decor, old embroidery (use it in CQ work).  Home decor – I seem to be going more arts and craft movement lately.  However I have quilts everywhere and embroidery and etc.  Al so seasonal can be anything!  Heart item- anything!


And any hand crafted item is treasured.  I need to photo what my three oldest nieces sent me for Christmas.  THEY ALL MADE ME SOMETHING.  Let me tell you – that is great.  Suzanne and I took a silk screening class last fall and in class she designed a fish – I now have my own fish shirt!  Also a kitchen towel she silk screened.  (The irony is that I too silk screened one of her presents – a shirt with music all over it!)  Emily made me the cutest animal that we all debated over what it was – its a hedgehog….minus the hedge.  I am going to use it as a pincushion so it has a hedge!  She also latch- rugged a duck pillow for me!     And Laura made a folded ornament – its a technique I did close to her age (too many years ago) but my attempt was on a flat surface – Laura did it on a small round ornament.  WOW.


Last year Suzanne knitted (or crocheted) a pillow for me.  Emily gave me a great butterfly coaster.  Again handmade is special!!


I will have to add pictures soon!


More details

January 2nd, 2009

So my word for the year is ACTION.  I decided I need to pick a “type” of action for each month of the year.  Since I am always in a “crafty” mood in January (and try to finish/work on something creative each day) my subword this month is “CREATE”.

And in following this process I had purchased a great kit from Carol Wingert.  She makes the best kits.  I would love to take a class from her in person sometime.  Look at the lollipop please!

Mine is done but I haven’t hung it or taken a photo yet so I am temporarily borrowing Carols…

Carol Wingert’s master version

She is so creative!  The first 5 cards each have pockets!  I love that.  Maybe now I will get to making that other kit I bought from her!

Oh sign up for her blog so you get notified when her monthly kits come out!


I will add a photo fo the lollipop in the first E later.


So my goals in January – TAKE ACTION and in particular try creating…


New Year and New Word

January 1st, 2009

Its a new year and ok I haven’t done the “new word” thing before but I have now!  Its the word ACTION.

Definition I felt fit my approach/goal for the year:

a: a thing done : deed
b: the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition

I am thinking there is going to be a lot of repetition to get a thing done, but I need to do that.

Ali Edwards has been doing this for three years now.  She has quite a following.  Its interesting to read the words chosen…there are like 1900+ people who sumbitted their words on her blog!

One Little Word 2009 & Giveaways

Happy New Year!  Off to post my word in key places!!!