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Project # 13 – Funky Apron

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

This was fun and has been on my to do list for a few months.  So, on the web in various blogs I have seen these funky style aprons.  They seem to be mostly designed by alternate style artists.  The great thing about them is that they are NOT matchy matchy.   In the quilting process for traditional quilts you tend to pick 5 to 7 fabrics that go together, that use different size prints/patterns to create interest and that follow a certain color line defined by one or two of the fabrics.

Here in the funky apron you freeform it – no real measuring.  You pick a fabric and then somewhat pick to go with it.  Alternate trims are also added.

So first – here are the fabrics and trims I picked:


The first one pictured became the base of the apron.  The next is the velvelt pocket, the next (with the paisleys) became the other pocket.  The ribbon became one side of the paisley pocket.  And the final fabric became the waistband and ties on the apron.

One thing that these artists do is include and proudly display the selvedges.  I tried that and we will see how I like it when I start using this apron.  Oh – you might want to see the finished item huh?


And here is it from farther back (like the model?):


Definitely I would like to repeat this project…maybe one per creative interest?  That would mean a lot of these!

Project # 8 – resin earrings & 9 – writing to this blog!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

This is taking HOURS to get the basics in.  I am counting this as Project #9…geez!


Project 8 was making resin heart earrings.  I don’t have the best photos of these.   Here are those hearts in the mold, floating in resin, during the hardening process.


And here is a lousy shot of the earrings!!!


Good news – I finally got a better photo.  Lesson for me – don’t use a pink background when photoing resin!  Use the brown table:


Project #4 – etched vase

Monday, February 11th, 2008

etched-vase-with-flowers.gifProject # 4 was etching a vase.  I have done etch work before but never to this size.  One thing I learned was NOT to try to etch the whole piece at the same time.  The other lesson was to leave the etch product on a LOT longer than the bottle said to.  Previously everything I had done was with the liquid form which I would put small objects into.  This time it was the creme that you paint on.  Here is a photo with the the foam stick on hearts you can buy at craft stores placed and then the etching creme painted HEAVILY (another lesson) over that area.


Yes there is some creme on the side – not to worry its not where I had placed the hearts on that side so it could just set until I cleaned and washed the side I was working on.  Yes the gloves are mandatory as is the plastic surface.  This stuff can eat a lot of things besides glass so projection is good.

Here is the finished vase with hearts on all four sides and another of this vase that is NOT done.  And finally a shot with it full of tulips!


Here it is with tulips in it.  I think you can see the hearts better with the green stems as background…

Hello world!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

After wanting to start blogging for my own personal historical reference to my creativity – like a scrapbook of sort, I am FINALLY doing it.   Why now?  What motivated me?  I signed up for Thing-A-Day.

Thing a day means doing something creative everyday for the month of February.  It involves posting about tit.  Well if I am going to have to post about it and take and upload photos about it I might as well start the blog to record it all for my records.


Now one would think I could start a blog quickly but I had to change my plan.  That takes my provider 6 hours to complete (really very quickly but I wasn’t expecting that of course).  So that took out Day 1 being recorded quickly. 


Then the provider allows me access to the old version for 24 hours (the one I never used of course) and provides me another way of linking to the new version for that time.   Ok I don’t feel up to figuring this out so I have to wait another 24 hours so this wipes out Day 2 being posted on Day 2.


So on Day 3 I am hoping to put up at least FOUR posts…this one and the first three days of Thing-A-Day!


The story of my creative life – it always takes WAY LONGER than I planned.