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My exchange package from Wanda – WOW!!!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Wow Wanda – you managed to “make” all things didn’t you?  And in pink tones with all trims and such in green!

general shot of my items from Wanda

First I love the cupcake pan done in pink – duh!!!  I use those things for sorting all the time and mine are all the plain ordinary silvertone.  PAINT them – brilliant.  And then fill them with great things.  Nope haven’t unwrapped/unwound all these great items yet.  You really loaded me on my fav color of green too!  Thank you.

cupcake tin

Then the house frame – how did you know I have two sitting staring at me – not house shaped, just rectangles.  I love filling mini displays, lol.  And I have an addiction to rick rack for sure…

The heart with the silhouttes – yep I am addicted lately to silhouettes.  And finally the clothes pins painted pink – I have a thing for clothes pins, lol.  And you rolled them with more versions of green trims!

one heart

Great exchange!  Hope you liked my package also!

Swap bot and blogging

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

So I signed up for an exchange in Swapbot on blogging!  When I signed up for that my goal was to blog at least every day until February 14.  As you can see I am behind!  So I am playing catchup tonight since I can’t seem to sleep anyway!  This doesn’t count as a blog entry – just a reason to explain all these entries so quickly right now.

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Finally posting my acquired Halloween decor from Andria.  WOW!!!  I think my fav was the shoe with the bird (crow?).  Although the ghost with the witches hat/broom and those yummy chocolate sandwiches in it were really good.  I hung the cresent moon in my kitchen window so I could see it every day.

my fav!Swap treat boxswap moon

The witches picture and the notepad were great.  And finally those two images on fabric…haven’t figured out what I want to do with those yet – quilt?  pillow?  purse maybe?  Hmmm – I think I like the bag idea…a purse for the season!

The whole thingfamily portrait?my other favsmy other favs - family portrait?

goofing off

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

I signed up for the valentine swap on A Year of Color being run by Artsy Mama.  She has the best swaps!


The rules are a bit different than last year and the previous.  For those we did a heart box full of cupcake holders with treasures related to Valentines day in it…craft supplies.


This year her instructions are:


Your package must include one of each of the following:

*One art/craft supply item (depending on what type of arts or crafts your partner does)

*One thrifted item and/or one handmade item

*One home decor item

*One heart item

How you package these items is also completely up to you. Again, try to package so that your partner will savor opening up each little gift of love. I would say to plan on spending $15-20 before shipping on your package. This can also be discussed with your partner.


And its supposed to be ” a fun idea to really personalize the package for your partner and give them little bits of things that they love.”


Well for my future exchange partner – I love almost every type of craft – you can tell even by the little I track in this blog.    As for thrifted – love old jewelry…I need to add a picture of my earring colletion to show you want I mean, also rickrack, neat wooden containers, candlesticks, pieces of glass (yep I sometimes buy a picture for the glass), old books (so love those),  and almost anything – seasonal decor, old embroidery (use it in CQ work).  Home decor – I seem to be going more arts and craft movement lately.  However I have quilts everywhere and embroidery and etc.  Al so seasonal can be anything!  Heart item- anything!


And any hand crafted item is treasured.  I need to photo what my three oldest nieces sent me for Christmas.  THEY ALL MADE ME SOMETHING.  Let me tell you – that is great.  Suzanne and I took a silk screening class last fall and in class she designed a fish – I now have my own fish shirt!  Also a kitchen towel she silk screened.  (The irony is that I too silk screened one of her presents – a shirt with music all over it!)  Emily made me the cutest animal that we all debated over what it was – its a hedgehog….minus the hedge.  I am going to use it as a pincushion so it has a hedge!  She also latch- rugged a duck pillow for me!     And Laura made a folded ornament – its a technique I did close to her age (too many years ago) but my attempt was on a flat surface – Laura did it on a small round ornament.  WOW.


Last year Suzanne knitted (or crocheted) a pillow for me.  Emily gave me a great butterfly coaster.  Again handmade is special!!


I will have to add pictures soon!


New Bead/Jewelry Project

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I took a bead class yesterday – great teacher, great project and great instructions!  Here is a photo of it:


I love Jenni Bowlin!  I have that yellow rose leftover from her calendar project kit from january.  The pendant looked best photoed against that.  Now for a close up of the wonderful pendant with a Swarovski cut crystal (3omm!) in the middle (see how its multicut?  I chose the golden shadow I think so its got a nice vintage tone to it.  Now I just have to make it into a necklace.


And you see the little bit of glass behind that?  Carole told me where she got these great cupcake/dessert holders.  She puts her lovely pincushions in them.  I set them up for easter (and will now have to clean the one of glitter – but thats a whole other subject).


And what did I put in them for Easter?  I found the moss rock eggs that Teresa McFayden had shown – those are too funny!  Plus I can leave them up all through the rest of the spring, probably summer and into fall.  I so love green and moss so this is a great combination.  In the taller one I put the easter eggs I made following Amy’s instructions.  I sent off some of them to my sister with earrings inside for her and the girls.  I also sent one to my Bellitoria exchange partner.  (I haven’t heard from her – getting worried that the package has not arrived!).  I used a lot of that great vintage ribbon from Carole that is gradated from gold to pale yellow or purple to pale violet.  And for most of them I used a vintage piece of jewelry to decorate, but mine have flowers on them…still look good!  (Oh and that cupcake display stand is now COVERED in glitter!)


Don’t you just love those displays?  Carole is so creative – makes it always an experience to visit her ribbon shop!

Thing A Day – Project 3

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

To remind myself – Project 2 was getting this blog finally started.


Project 3 was the Valentines Supply Swap I was involved in.  Got mine off in the mail without taking any photos but I do have photos of what I got from my partner.  Here we go – the outside of the box was beautifully decorated…I would have loved to have saved them for decoupage work but with the tape to keep them in place and beautiful there would be no way that I know of to get them properly sealed.


Then Shelley (my partner) decorated a great paper mache box for me.  Here is a photo of it and the chocolates (hmmm – thats another dessert I forgot I ate!) that she also sent.  See if you can spot the great TAG she made also.  I had a great exchange partner – she MADE so many things in this box!


Oh – its setting on the cute tissue paper Shelley had protected the box with.  And here is a shot of all the bits and pieces she sent for me to create with or admire!


First – Shelley layered the box – see the dotted square behind the box – the ribbons were the pulls to lift it off.  So nicely done!  Hand painted.  Then the first layer were the fabric pieces you can see – the cute kids (darn its an older fabric run so I can’t go find more!), the cut felt heart, the red felt – oh and the images there next to the box.  And a roll of french pages!

In the wrappers there were paper flowers, the heart shapes, the red hearts and white balls (like stamen),the angel wings, the red buttons, the heart button – all great.  A piece sign – I can resin that .  Thats for another thing-a-day discussion.

A vintage thimble and it actually fits.  A paper umbrella like that comes in those “fancy” drinks.  Lots of ribbons –  blues, dots, mini rickrack – a weakness of mine, and a CUPCAKES prints. A couple of bottle caps, a glass microscope.  Then Shelley made me a fabric red heart pin.  I wore it earlier this week on my jacket.  A wonderful soldered piece – something I want to learn to do. And finally crystals and heart beads!