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Adorn me! Day 5

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

 I took Earrings Galore, an evening class, with Emily, my newly turned 15 year old niece.    Great class.  The instructor really thought outside the box – uses a LOT of scrapbook supplies and very well.  Here is a a photo of mine and a photo of Emily wearing one of her EIGHT pairs.  We did sit down the next night and make some more with her sisters.  The last photo is of Laura and Michelle wearing their new earrings – they made themselves.

 my earringsthe designer wearing her jewelry

Laura and Michelle



But before Emily and I took the class, Kim took me to a herb lecture.  Well she sat at the herb lecture, but I shopped.  Great place – I bought the coolest frogs to use with craft supplies (rather than flowers).  And I found cute salt and pepper shakers for my bil’s birthday.  Too cute.  Then some great ribbon from Offray I had never seen with roses (3-d) across the front.  (Oh why didn’t I use on in Jane’s class?)  And some great almost like interfacing runners in green and pale yellow.  Fun place!  Good thing I don’t live LOCAL.   Here are are few fun shots from the garden center:


How to make a Tiffany Bow

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

While reading blogs, rather than doing stuff I need to do, I found a great link on how to make a Tiffany Bow!

Seems Tiffany will show you how to make the bow also if you just ask.  Now that is customer service!  I will have to try this, such a nice bow and looks like it would ship great also.

Ribbon Store

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008


I am lucky to have a friend who runs that lives close by.  First off, Carole is a FOUNTAIN of information and knowledge.  Just walking through her “store” is enough to inspire anyone.  She has ideas planted throughout to show you what you can do with the ribbon.  And some of the ribbon – oh to die for.  Oh heck, ALL OF THE RIBBON is to die for, lol.

Romantic Notions - sample idea

Do you see – Carole is always checking ribbon for “pull” capability.  Its amazing how many you can pull and it gathers itself!  Aren’t those great ribbons too?  I love ribbons that are gradations, give any project great movement.

Carols storeribbonstoretj maxx heads

Of course I shot these photos a long time ago – Carole has since rearranged the store since she has acquired some new antique store cabinets.  (New to her, but definitely antique!)    On the last shot above – don’t you love the heads?  Carole found those at TJMaxx I think – she just has ribbons dripping out like hair.  I think the heads were supposed to be plant holders.  And the cases below are antiques.  So nice to view the ribbons through.

ribbon storecarols-store-shot-5-spa.gifcarols-store-shot-7-vin.gifcarols-store-shot-8.gif

Now – Carole really is an on-line store.  She sells mainly through ebay – at –

Having said that – if you are ever in Las Vegas its worth asking if you can visit this treasure.  And believe it or not – its her GARAGE.  Ok – so it has its own AC and its a SIX car deep garage, but it blows your mind when you walk through the door.

February Project #1 Finally Posted

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

February 1 project

This one was easy.  I had already done 5 of these boxes so I only had to repeat the process.

I had bought these ribbon boxes on sale after Christmas LAST YEAR – early January 2007.  I had sprayed 3 black and 2 crème. 


So I took the last one, pictured here with one ribbon roll set in it.




I sprayed it – quick and easy to do!  It does take several coats though – as you can see in this photo where you can still see snowflakes.   I did not worry about the metal , just sprayed over it.  Nor did I worry about the inside – you can see that its still red thru the ribbon holes.



And finally here it is on the stack, already filled with ribbon.  I liked the black/white color (or lack there of) because I can really see what the colors of the ribbons are.  Makes it easier to pick the colors correctly.