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Heart pockets

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I had signed up for a great ezine this time – Cupids workshop by Lisa Pace.  Its done but such good ideas.  This is just one of them!

This is my interpretation of the heart pockets.   Lisa’s is beautiful but since I am shipping mine I left off the paper flowers she glued on.  Also I want mine to last a LONG time so no glue in the process for me (although there are some really good fabric glues out there that should work too) so I hand embroidered (did the big letters with chain stitch, the little with split stitch) the words and machine sewed my hearts together.  For the machine sewing I used a double stitch and I used another Superior Thread that is varigated.


These are STUFFED now with candy hearts (ok dove chocolate and Reeces hearts) and iTune cards.  (Teenage girls are very easy to shop for I think – they ALWAYS want itune cards for instance.)  So – that is why they are somewhat odd shaped?  And hopefully you can see the HEART shaped button on Suzanne’s heart (for sweet HEART, get it?).

Also I lucked out at some point and found a victorican scroll rotary blade by Fiskers.  I used that to cut the inside heart.  I didn’t ant to try to work the outside heart to match so I just cut those plain.  Lisa used pinking shears on both hers – and its beautiful but I like rotary cutters and can’t figure out where my pinking blade is at the moment.  So this worked out well I think.

Lisa did the hand embroidery on hers – in the same color tone as the heart itself so it was hard to see the word.  I did my embroidery floss to match the back heart instead (did the big letters with chain stitch, the little with split stitch).  Also rather than just the word LOVE on mine I chose to pick a word with the same first letter as each niece.  Easy for Laura – Love.  Came up with Sweetheart for Suzanne and by replacing the heart word with a button heart I figure it works.  For Emily – well thats a tough one so I went with Enjoy!

The backs have a similar button on them for each.   Can’t have those plain right?

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Finally posting my acquired Halloween decor from Andria.  WOW!!!  I think my fav was the shoe with the bird (crow?).  Although the ghost with the witches hat/broom and those yummy chocolate sandwiches in it were really good.  I hung the cresent moon in my kitchen window so I could see it every day.

my fav!Swap treat boxswap moon

The witches picture and the notepad were great.  And finally those two images on fabric…haven’t figured out what I want to do with those yet – quilt?  pillow?  purse maybe?  Hmmm – I think I like the bag idea…a purse for the season!

The whole thingfamily portrait?my other favsmy other favs - family portrait?

Art Unraveled – Day 3

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Ah Wednesday! It was my down day. Ok, to be honest it was my SHOPPING day. And I do love to shop.

Of course the weather was like 106 with a humidity of 60%. What that should be a problem for a Las Vegan? Temperature wise not! Humidity – heck yea! We complain here when we hit 10%. Plus, unbeknownst to me, I was visiting several warehouses that use swap coolers rather than AC.

My first stop was SAS – a fabric warehouse. Once I adjusted to the heat/humidity I had a lot of fun. I added to my collection of fabrics for crazy quilting. Prices were great! I could have a lot of of fun there if the weather conditions were right.


My second stop was going to be Melrose Vintage. Well it was my second stop – but they were closed for the summer. Must be nice!

My third stop was Diane’s Ribbons. First in the title is the word RIBBONS and second its closing this year so hey I thought I should check it out! As you can see from the photos – no ribbons were bought. It reminded me of a shop in Hermosa Beach – a mom and pop craft store. Wonderful stuff that you don’t know you need until you see it, lol.


That was enough on warehouses for me so I headed to the local stained glass store to find a sickle stone and look around. I, of course, bought patinas also and sheets of the copper tape. Oh and some beveled glass pieces!

A quick stop at the bank – cash on hand is always a good thing! Then I went looking for Lonnies. Thank goodness I found it! I got a couple copper sheets (so I had them at home of course!), some copper shapes (precut) – more about that later, and a tripod. That was it – time for home!!!

Later Carol and I went to Lowes – I found it by accident…well we were looking for it and when the address #s went to high I turned into a shopping center and drove thru it to get turned back – there was Lowes, lol. I got my flux that Josie uses…I had ordered the solder already on line. All of this now sits here at home waiting for me to use it! (But I have a couple other projects to complete and mail first before I get to play, boo hoo!)

New Bead/Jewelry Project

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I took a bead class yesterday – great teacher, great project and great instructions!  Here is a photo of it:


I love Jenni Bowlin!  I have that yellow rose leftover from her calendar project kit from january.  The pendant looked best photoed against that.  Now for a close up of the wonderful pendant with a Swarovski cut crystal (3omm!) in the middle (see how its multicut?  I chose the golden shadow I think so its got a nice vintage tone to it.  Now I just have to make it into a necklace.


And you see the little bit of glass behind that?  Carole told me where she got these great cupcake/dessert holders.  She puts her lovely pincushions in them.  I set them up for easter (and will now have to clean the one of glitter – but thats a whole other subject).


And what did I put in them for Easter?  I found the moss rock eggs that Teresa McFayden had shown – those are too funny!  Plus I can leave them up all through the rest of the spring, probably summer and into fall.  I so love green and moss so this is a great combination.  In the taller one I put the easter eggs I made following Amy’s instructions.  I sent off some of them to my sister with earrings inside for her and the girls.  I also sent one to my Bellitoria exchange partner.  (I haven’t heard from her – getting worried that the package has not arrived!).  I used a lot of that great vintage ribbon from Carole that is gradated from gold to pale yellow or purple to pale violet.  And for most of them I used a vintage piece of jewelry to decorate, but mine have flowers on them…still look good!  (Oh and that cupcake display stand is now COVERED in glitter!)


Don’t you just love those displays?  Carole is so creative – makes it always an experience to visit her ribbon shop!

Easter Project

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I saw this on another blog and thought it was such a cute idea that I had to make one.  Ok, its me – so I had to make TWO.  Well to get the variety of colors for the wreath I had to buy enough for two anyway…so I made two.  And I still have a couple boxes of little chicks available…lol.

My own “kit” contents:


And the results:


Now the question is which one do I like better?  I think its the one where all the chicks are upright…the other they seem to be “circling” a target?  Hmm – maybe I need to find a “rabbit” to put in the middle, or a scared coyote?

Thing a Day – Project 22 – Letter holder

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

This is a kit from   I bought one and loved the concept/result that I made three (had to go out and buy a few roses to make the other two, otherwise I had the supplies, scary!).   

I did have to buy bookbinding tape though for the first one – something not in my collection!  Liked the concept so much that I ordered it in a set of colors from .


Here are the three holders awaiting their bookbinding tape:


And finally – here is a photo of two of them completed – the other is also, just didn’t hang it up!


Project #7 – Valentine’s Day Swag

Monday, February 11th, 2008

This idea comes from My Minutia – it was part of her Winter Bella (January) zine.  I of course could not make just one – had to make FOUR.   Well three and well on the way for #4, but I need to mail the other three so I focused on getting them “swagged”.

Lets see – first I had to EAT a tone of candy…well actually I used the candy in this project and another one (see the next blog entry for that).

So you take these boxes and cut out and put things in them…the reason this photo is here is because of the tray its on – got that for a b-day present and now so wish I had about a dozen of them.  I have trays but mine all have dividers.  This was great to glitter on because it was small and had just the one space.


Then I got to paint glue on the boxes and glitter…thus the tray was a godsend…


Oh – you can’t tell they are on the tray because I lined it with aluminum foil – can’t waste that glitter!  This way it was easier to pour back into the bottle.  I used Martha Stewart silver glitter, Glitter Art pink for the alternate boxes and thank heavens Martha Stewart glitter glue.  Why thank heavens?  It comes with a metal brush built into the lid.  Martha and her team do think of everything.  I had three choices of coating/pouring from her glitter jar as well.

And the finished projects, three of them – hanging on a door temporarily before they get mailed…