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Adorn me! Day 5

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

 I took Earrings Galore, an evening class, with Emily, my newly turned 15 year old niece.    Great class.  The instructor really thought outside the box – uses a LOT of scrapbook supplies and very well.  Here is a a photo of mine and a photo of Emily wearing one of her EIGHT pairs.  We did sit down the next night and make some more with her sisters.  The last photo is of Laura and Michelle wearing their new earrings – they made themselves.

 my earringsthe designer wearing her jewelry

Laura and Michelle



But before Emily and I took the class, Kim took me to a herb lecture.  Well she sat at the herb lecture, but I shopped.  Great place – I bought the coolest frogs to use with craft supplies (rather than flowers).  And I found cute salt and pepper shakers for my bil’s birthday.  Too cute.  Then some great ribbon from Offray I had never seen with roses (3-d) across the front.  (Oh why didn’t I use on in Jane’s class?)  And some great almost like interfacing runners in green and pale yellow.  Fun place!  Good thing I don’t live LOCAL.   Here are are few fun shots from the garden center:


Enameling with the girls

Friday, September 11th, 2009

While we were all in Los Angeles I did basic enameling with the girls.  While using a torch is a bit scary they all did GREAT.  I need to take some photos of their pieces to show you.  But here are some pictures of the crew at work!

Laura just prepped a piece and is getting ready to torch I think.

Laura prepping a piece

Suzanne putting on the enamel powder (and in a newly acquired find from the Garment District):

Suzanne at work

And I think this is Emily holding her recently enameled frog?

Emily at work

Thank you it Art Unraveled 2008 and Richard for getting me hooked again.  All of them LOVED it I think.

And we did some basic earring making also.  Don’t they look like teenagers here humoring their aunt?  They are very good teenagers…


What is it about Dairy Queen?

Friday, September 11th, 2009

So it seems the girls are addicted to Dairy Queen – something about their not being any in Houston and its like their dad’s favorite place growing up.  So they wanted to do Dairy Queen everyday.  They even got Nana and Papa to go although not this day.

This is a brownie sundae (with oreos maybe?) – modeled by Suzanne.  Oh and note the cute dress and purse – a couple of the purchases in the Garment District!

Suzanne at Dairy Queen

Not sure what Emily is modelingn the way of desserts and you can’t see her great new dress from theGarment District:

Emily at dairy Queen

Finally the college freshman, Laura modeling a dipped cone:

Laura at Dairy Queen

Oh and today was a good hair day by all:

good hair day