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Destashing – or one week, one goal

Monday, August 30th, 2010

My stated goal this week was to cut up 100 pieces of fabric (approximately 1oo yards) into 10″ squares, 5″ squares, 8″ strip, 3.5″ strip, and whatever was left into 2.5 and 1.5 strips.drum roll please….I ironed and cut up……200+ pieces!!!!!And yes – I had no life during this time, lol.200+ fabrics cut up for scrap quiltingOn the left side are the 5″ strips – I still need to cut them into 5″ squares.  Then is the pile of 10″ strips – again need to cut it up into 10″ squares.  Then the 1.5″ strips, followed by three piles of 2.5″ strips and then the 3.5″ strips.  In the background are the 8″ strips folded over and the two boxes are filled with the scraps and the selvages… both are a someday project.Whew – that was a lot of work, but I want to get through another 200 fabrics before I feel I have made a dent.  Then I am going to send off a couple boxes of fabric  to two quilting friends of old!  I think they will enjoy it!So my goal for next week is to have another pile like this but also have them in boxes, cut up and ready to ship and then my set ready to work on!!!!To see other entries in the one week, one goal please look here:  Amy’s Creative Side

Art Unraveled – Shopping day!

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Friday was my SHOPPING DAY!!!!  I only went to two places because if there is one place HOTTER than Vegas its Phoenix.  Plus they had HUMIDITY.  Ugh.  The storm finally broke the day AFTER I left town of course, so the whole time it was way too hot.  And Las Vegas – well we were having 90 degree weather while I was in Phoenix.  There is just something so WRONG about that!

But this isn’t about the weather (although it comes up again later) so first stop was SAS!  First off – good news (for me).  SAS had a fire last year and when they rebuilt – they put in AIR CONDITIONING!  I had put SAS as my first stop because with ….pumps versus air conditioning – well they don’t work well in humidity so I figured I best do this stop while it might be below 100 degrees.

SAS – hard to describe but fun to shop…this year I stuck to TRIMS and LACES.  And I stuck to DEALS.  So these trim cards – $2 for the CARD.  Yes you heard me right. 10 cards so $20…how could I turn that down?


The laces – 25 cents to 50 cents a yard…

laces and laces

This place is a huge wearhouse FILLED with fabrics and trims and such.  But I don’t NEED anything right now and I DO NOT have a warehouse to STORE things in so – trims and laces were what I got.  Actually I needed something like a chenille in white for a project I wanted to work on while in Phoenix but all I was able to find was burlap (haveI mentioned I have a thing lately for burlap?  Have you seen SILK burlap?  Oh so nice looking and to feel.)  Now this burlap is NOT silk – just plain burlap like.  I even looked at wool but it was too hot to buy wool.

Then I went to a new quilt store called 3DudesQuilting  I had not picked a quilt store to check out so I googled Phoenix quilt stores (because I (thought I ) needed batting for a project while there)   And I thought they might have the chenille I was looking for (oh found that at The Cotton Shop in Redondo Beach CA on my next adventure!).

So why did I pick this quilt store?  Well my luck was great – they were having their grand opening event and if you printed out their coupon and brought it you had 40% off EVERYTHING you bought at that time – good for a one time purchase.

Ok – me and a quilt store and a coupon?  Dangerous!!!

The funny thing – their Air Conditioning was broke.  I should have REVERSED the order of shopping.  Great store, great deal, great staff.  Really made me wish I lived closer.  Sounds like the kind of quilt store you want around the corner.  And they were so apologetic about the AC like they had anything to do with it.  And a fridge full of water for all of us.  Yes by the time I left they had quite a crowd.

Heart pockets

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I had signed up for a great ezine this time – Cupids workshop by Lisa Pace.  Its done but such good ideas.  This is just one of them!

This is my interpretation of the heart pockets.   Lisa’s is beautiful but since I am shipping mine I left off the paper flowers she glued on.  Also I want mine to last a LONG time so no glue in the process for me (although there are some really good fabric glues out there that should work too) so I hand embroidered (did the big letters with chain stitch, the little with split stitch) the words and machine sewed my hearts together.  For the machine sewing I used a double stitch and I used another Superior Thread that is varigated.


These are STUFFED now with candy hearts (ok dove chocolate and Reeces hearts) and iTune cards.  (Teenage girls are very easy to shop for I think – they ALWAYS want itune cards for instance.)  So – that is why they are somewhat odd shaped?  And hopefully you can see the HEART shaped button on Suzanne’s heart (for sweet HEART, get it?).

Also I lucked out at some point and found a victorican scroll rotary blade by Fiskers.  I used that to cut the inside heart.  I didn’t ant to try to work the outside heart to match so I just cut those plain.  Lisa used pinking shears on both hers – and its beautiful but I like rotary cutters and can’t figure out where my pinking blade is at the moment.  So this worked out well I think.

Lisa did the hand embroidery on hers – in the same color tone as the heart itself so it was hard to see the word.  I did my embroidery floss to match the back heart instead (did the big letters with chain stitch, the little with split stitch).  Also rather than just the word LOVE on mine I chose to pick a word with the same first letter as each niece.  Easy for Laura – Love.  Came up with Sweetheart for Suzanne and by replacing the heart word with a button heart I figure it works.  For Emily – well thats a tough one so I went with Enjoy!

The backs have a similar button on them for each.   Can’t have those plain right?

Journal class with Sue Bleiweiss!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I am in an online journal making class taught by Sue Bleiweiss at Two Creative Studios  called Journal Making for the Fiber Artist.

Its a lot of fun.  I have finished the first project and am working on the second.  I think I am supposed to post these in the yahoo group or such.  That will have to wait until this weekend.  In the meantime here is the first journal!  Way simpler than I thought too, or else Sue is great at written instructions or perhaps both?Journal - project 1

I love this journal!  First – the fabric is one of my favorites – it reminds me of Dad’s measuring ruler, right down the the color.  Then I used one of Superior Threads great threads – this is one their Rainbow series.  Don’t you love the way it flows through shades of yellow/gold?

Best of all I now know what a SIGNATURE is.  I learned that last summer in Josie’s classes at ArtUnraveled.  And that is probably where I got hooked on making journals too.  And here I had only signed up for her two classes to learn soldering and metal etching (one journal had a glass soldered cover and the other had an etched cover).

The next journal is great also because the ‘signatures’ are removable/replaceable.  Oh – perhaps I should state that a signature is a group of papers, usually folded in half, and stitched in the middle to the book.  So as a rank beginner it seems that the # of pages in one signature might be 6 to 12 range (after folding), and that the hand made journals I have worked on or looked at might have 3 to 5 signatures in them.

Silk Screening with Suzanne At “International Quilt Festival”

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

So my 16 year old niece (well not quite 16 then) and I took a class at “International Quilt Festival” in Houston last fall.  Why do I keep putting it in quotes?  Because her friends kept texting her before/during/after the class and could not believe she was a the “International Quilt Festival”.  They thought she was making it up.  So here is some proof she was there…

Here are some candid shots after she had thought out her design, cut it out, attached it to the silk screen, taped it down and finally printed it for like the FIRST TIME.

Suzanne hamming it upSuzanne at work Silk Screening her fish

And then her finished product.  It was a great class by the way.  I would only change one thing – well add one thing to the supply list – prewashed cotton t-shirts.  It could be optional for sure.  But this way Suzanne walked out of the class with 3 or 4 shirts already printed with her design (see below).

Finished product and so much more on the table

It was a small class by Quilt Festival size and three of the students were under the age of 18.  Well truthfully Suzanne at 15 was probably the oldest.  This is a sign that Quilt Festival needs to cater more the soon to be customer base such as these three.  I would have probably brought one other niece if the cost had not been so high.   Maybe Quilt Festival should offer a rate for teenagers instead of requiring the full registration costs.  Maybe just paying for one or two classes (without the registration fee) would be enough.  Also to run more classes like this one where they can leave with a finished product!

So the next day was Laura’s birthday celebration.  Suzanne designed a t-shirt for Laura with the baseball player on the front and the back saying Peterson with an 18 – similar to a baseball jersey.  Since Laura turned 18 it was perfect.  Suzanne can really come up with some very creative ideas!  And Laura knew instantly what it was.

We were very lucky that the teacher gave us tons of paints to take home because while I have almost every supply imaginable they were in Nevada not Texas.

Suzanne working at home with her newly learned Silkscreening skills

one result of her new skills

Day 6 – Art Unraveled

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Today was SHOPPING and Patina’d Metals sample.

First shopping – Carol got me thinking when she bought the piece from Susan. It would be nice to have some pieces from various teachers. So I went shopping with the intentions of getting a Jane piece and a Josie piece. I succeeded…

necklaces from Jane:


necklace from Josie and a few other NECESSARY supplies:


Josie’s able assistant (not Kay this time) pointed out the quality of Josie’s work. She was right – I bought this piece further down and on its own its fine but next to a Josie or Jane piece – not the same caliber.   Having been to her online store I think this is not of the caliber this seller normally makes – at least not by what I saw posted.  Anyway, here is this piece:


Then I stopped at a place that was selling acrylic flowers and leaves – bought some. Have to find that website so I can order more! No photo – forgot to snap it. Maybe later when I use them on CQ work.

And found a place where the lady was stamping on those resin pieces I have in my jewelry supply selection and haven’t done anything with- its an interesting idea. Anyway, I bought cords from her to hang my pieces from Jane from. (And don’t you love that hand? Its a vintage glove mold. I was lucky enough to get a left and right hand…they are beautiful.)

Finally shopped at the other local mecca store for altered artists – The Paper Studio – because as they said they brought the store! I would show the papers but they are rolled up. But I did get some great pendants from them also. I guess they just started making these.


At this point I thought it best to go rid myself of my shopping so I could get ready for class. Then I had a bit of time so I tried Hannah and Gray’s booth one more time and was able to get to it! Here are a few of the things I bought there – always an eclectic selection, lol.


Class – Patinaing Metal

WOW! In this class I learned how to paint a sky. Ok I learned a lot more but Jacqueline Sullivan opened my eyes to painting again. I remember my Sky Dyes fabric class with Mickey Lawler – I just could not get a sky for the life of me. Thus I am a lifelong customer of Mickey, lol. (I still would be even if I had been able to paint a sky.) But in this class – at the end Jacqueline had us paint a mat board to float our patina’d metals on and she challenged herself (and us) to pick colors OUTSIDE of our comfort area. My fav color that always works for me is green. Then the reds and oranges and yellows. So I went for blue and purples. Her advice to take the darkest and start at the outside (or was that how I interpreted it?) worked for me. Here is my canvas with metal:


Ok – back to the purpose of the class. Jacqueline explained weather, heat, etc impact how each metal turns out. Also how much of the liquid and other items were with the piece of metal. Oh and the different metals. I need to redo some of my class experiment because I used too much saran wrap to hold the liquid and metal together – not enough sun! But I got some results so I understand the process.

Jacqueline taught us another way to etch metal also. Oh boy – this metal etching is fun!

Art Unraveled – Day 3

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Ah Wednesday! It was my down day. Ok, to be honest it was my SHOPPING day. And I do love to shop.

Of course the weather was like 106 with a humidity of 60%. What that should be a problem for a Las Vegan? Temperature wise not! Humidity – heck yea! We complain here when we hit 10%. Plus, unbeknownst to me, I was visiting several warehouses that use swap coolers rather than AC.

My first stop was SAS – a fabric warehouse. Once I adjusted to the heat/humidity I had a lot of fun. I added to my collection of fabrics for crazy quilting. Prices were great! I could have a lot of of fun there if the weather conditions were right.


My second stop was going to be Melrose Vintage. Well it was my second stop – but they were closed for the summer. Must be nice!

My third stop was Diane’s Ribbons. First in the title is the word RIBBONS and second its closing this year so hey I thought I should check it out! As you can see from the photos – no ribbons were bought. It reminded me of a shop in Hermosa Beach – a mom and pop craft store. Wonderful stuff that you don’t know you need until you see it, lol.


That was enough on warehouses for me so I headed to the local stained glass store to find a sickle stone and look around. I, of course, bought patinas also and sheets of the copper tape. Oh and some beveled glass pieces!

A quick stop at the bank – cash on hand is always a good thing! Then I went looking for Lonnies. Thank goodness I found it! I got a couple copper sheets (so I had them at home of course!), some copper shapes (precut) – more about that later, and a tripod. That was it – time for home!!!

Later Carol and I went to Lowes – I found it by accident…well we were looking for it and when the address #s went to high I turned into a shopping center and drove thru it to get turned back – there was Lowes, lol. I got my flux that Josie uses…I had ordered the solder already on line. All of this now sits here at home waiting for me to use it! (But I have a couple other projects to complete and mail first before I get to play, boo hoo!)

Suzannes Quilts

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

As my sisters two other daughters turned around the age of 3 to 5 I made each of them a bed quilt.  Proud to say they both still have them and even with heavy usage they are still in decent shape.  Suzanne went into a double bunk bed situation though so I never made her quilts.

So last year (I think?  Maybe the year before?) I finally made quilts for her beds.  Yep one twin and one full.  She and I jazzed up her room a bit that year.

First here are the quilts:


Suzanne picked the colors red and green for her quilt.  Yikes – how to not make it look like Christmas?  Well I mixed in yellow and oranges as you can see and multitudes of greens.  The full size quilt is a wacko log cabin and the twin is three stripes.  I then also made a bed skirt for the bottom, and the curtain topper over on the side.  I was inspired by Denise Schmidt for these – she has a great book out on her quilt patterns and a website.

Suzanne did the four hangings by her bed – they are like cork boards on one side and paintings on the other.  And we loaded the room with paper stars…two reasons Suzanne is a native of Texas (each girl was born in a different state!) and she loves acting – stars seemed appropriate.  You can see some on the window covering.  Like that covering?  Made that and the bed dust ruffle too.  It was a BUSY trip.

Thing a day – no idea what number this one was!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

T-shirts for the girls…I was trying new paints, new stencils, new techniques and thought why not make some t-shirts that should wear to great patterns as washed.  I like the results of Lauras, and Suzannes.  I like the concept of Emilys but think I chose the wrong colors…



Suzannes – I love the little pink rectangle – Suzanne hates pink so I am “EASING” it into her wardrobe…lol.  And the way the black bled so I made it more of a grunge look.


Lauras – this one is my favorite I think.  I love paisleys.


Thing a Day – Project 17 – composition journal in fabrics

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

The Teresa McFayden Mosaic journal was such a fun project I had to try it with fabrics.  So my first take was the same type of process as the paper attempt earlier this month.  Slight problem – look at the photo to see if you can tell…


Yep, when I glue the fabric down it becomes semi transparent and I could see the green and white design in the cover.  I should have put a solid piece down and then added this.  Lesson learned.

So I thought let me try doing something like that but I was looking at the pile of miscut strips of fabric already so I came up with this:


I did a basket weave instead!

Here it is basically finished (I have book binding tape arriving tomorrow and will go over the edge with that to finish this, but it is sealed and glossed now…


I just used the exacto knife to trim it down from the backside after it was all glued and sealed.  I use a Euro tupe decoupage product but I am thinking ModPodge would do the same – its not like the fabric is soft  – its like really thick paper and hard.