January class with Gloria – white on white and embroidery treatments

Gloria McKinnon – she has been teaching at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa for maybe two decades now?  I should take a picture of the first project I ever did with Gloria.  She made me do 8mm and 11mm rolled roses – oh did I mention they were two ribbons (an organza with the silk ribbon)?  So yes I can roll a rose like its nothing now.

Its so true that if you start with the difficult version it all gets easier (refer to my class with Robin for why I mention this!).

Anyway – examples of the project we were doing with Gloria are below.  First she came with a 24 inch block we could either work with or subdivide into 4 12 inch blocks.  Some people were making the Christmas stocking, some of us wanted the “table runner” (4 blocks in a row).  I voted for the tablerunner.  The whole project is pretty much white on white.  In block one you can see the transfer in the middle, the edging on the seams and the beadwork (green flowers) and ribbon work(pink roses and also leaves behind green flowers.

The second block pictured has a wonderful MOP (mother of Pearl) poker style chip (vintage) peyoted stitched onto the surface, some daisies in SRE, a handpainted MOP button, a great old hankerchief corner, a lace bird dyed a pale pink or cream and the wonderful tree stitched on as well as great seam treatments that are hard to see on white, lol.  

 Now the question is – how much of mine is done?  NOT ENOUGH!!!!  (Like the tree and peyote work I still need to START!!!)



Gloria also sells great blocks of the month and I have to admitI love the soap labels from Paris in this one:





Then there was this great pansie example in SRE work – well I had to get this one:


Oh and a quick look into a Piecemakers classroom, see all the items on the walls?  And lots of room to spread out.  I can’t thank them enough for that.  Some classrooms I am in are super small – still workable but ah to have SPACE is great.


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  1. Kim D. says:

    The blocks look great! I’m in love with that Pansie example too!

    I had to check out the Piecemakers website as it looks like such a great place. To be honest, I think I could be a professional craft class attendee – or maybe I just need a 12-step program?!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for your visit to our studio! I know, don’t we always end up creating close to the music and TV? Best laid plans . . . Your piece above is beautiful (so romantic) and I LOVED reading about your Las Vegas trip. I went to Art and Soul 2 years ago at Asilomar and was considering going to the LV one but am going to Art Unraveled in Arizona this August instead. Sounds like I need to consider Vegas next year . . . Oh, and FAB rings, probably my favorite, Kristin xo

  3. Your piece is beautiful!!!

  4. Kathy, HUGE Thanks you for you comment about Piece Makers on my blog .My sister lives close by we are going to take a class!!!! I love the internet for this type of sharing!!! hugs Julie

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