Art and Soul – Las Vegas 2010

Woohoo!!! Art and Soul in LAS VEGAS.   Can I say dream come true?  Too fun and next year Glenny has expanded the conference.  Thank you!  Now I do live in Vegas so it was interesting from several perspectives, the first being – I NEVER get to casinos.  Strange but true.  So it was fun to go through two casinos to get to classes, sometimes a long walk, but still fun/interesting.  And it was great being able to dash home to get supplies during the lunch hour.   And to sleep in rather than get up at 4 am for work, lol.  Too nice.  Very relaxing.

So, did I take photos?  NO, I carried the camera every day and did not take photos except the last day.  So for now I am just going to post about my last class – it was with Stephanie Lee and I finally got here Junkdrawer metalsmithing.  WOW!!!

The first shot – one is stephanies and one is mine.  I think we can figure that one out.  But in my defense I converted a mistake into my house thus the scorching and I kind of like the drunk roog.  Its in the next photo also of my work area and some of my items.  Hey it looks way better when NOT next to a great one!   Now on my work pile there you see a blue button (with lots of round dots like on it) and next to it you see the impression results I made.  Too fun.

The last photo is of my tablemate’s work.     Notice the hand – its actually the impression of a brass victorian hand piece I have.  Amazing how different these items look when we do Stephanie’s method of recreating them.  I think we both got addicted to doing those!


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  1. Kim D. says:

    Oooh! Art & Soul Las Vegas – will have to look in to that. Definitely worth the trip to Vegas for that.

    It is funny that you never go to Casino’s. When we lived in Vegas it was the same thing. We only ever stepped foot in them when we had company in town.

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