Adorn me – final day

Windows Pendant with Jane Salley.  What a class.  Jane again made it all seem easy – we etched metal, aged metal, cut metal, sanded metal, drilled metal (or punched I should say), added ephemera  and mica for the window, added screws to hold it together – and there was our first pendant.  She gave us enough supplies to do two and I finished the second before lunch ended.  But what I really studied was her technique with the sari ribbons (I have two bundles myself).  THREAD – who knew – I kept tying multiple knots and hating the thickness of it.  I just don’t think outside of the box enough lately.  Anyway – here are some photos so I won’t forget this class!


The first two photos are my work from class.  The last two photos are examples Jane brought to class…


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