Adorn me! Day 3

I took a full day class from Beverly  Ash Gilbert .  Her color sense is great.  She has written two books – I bought one – Beaded Colorways because I love her technique on beading on metal.   So cool.  Now the class I took was Cornucopia of Gems.  I really did pack for this class – stuck with one color pallet – cools with an emphasis on BLUE.  Beverly gave a great talk about color selection and has the BEST set of color dials I have EVER SEEN.   Her color sense shows in her jewelry.  The class example is in the middle, at the bottom.


After a couple decades of quilting I think I know about balance and color mixing so it was relatively easy to pull beads for the class and I pretty much used all the ones I brought.   But the talk was still great – a good review.  I need to get her color theory book.  She makes a point of DESCRIBING a color – such as yellow green rather than lime – so a student KNOWS where it is on the spectrum.

Now on mine we did pull out a few beads that had more purple.  There were only three of us in class so it was easier to get started, to get Beverly’s opinion on color choices and necklace shapes.  I ended up doing a princess neckline because a square neckline is the one I know I look best in.  The other two did different also – one a v and one a elongated U.  Our colors were across the spectrum also – Emily (local to Houston) brought most of her beads to the class – ended up doing a gradated necklace – yellow to orange, orange to red, red to brown tints to lime green and then reversed back brown-red-orange-yellow.  Very citrus which is her favorite color set.  And the third student did blacks and grays with a touch of crème – and a lot of it in pearls.  All were beautiful! 

I did end up getting some bead mixes – I will have to post those later, and some of her yarn – that is how I finished the necklace.  I seem to need lighter jewelry around my neck now a days and this yarn/ribbon thing is looking really good to me!


 my necklace and matching earrings



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