Adorn me – day 1 for me!

Day 1 of conference (for me) – first day of classes
also.  I took Diane Cook of Rosa & Josies blog.  Diane is the nicest person as is her husband.  They make quite a team!  And I so appreciated they came stocked from a local antique store with pieces/parts for us to use.  I was thinking I would not  NEED anything.  A true statement and yet I still BOUGHT things.   However the results are worth it I think.   And I have enough crystals and rhinestones to do a few more pieces.

Diane sets up her display so beautifully!

part of Diane’s display


 I would tell you her trick/technique, but its so good you need to take a class from her.  Its like a lightbulb EXPLODING in your brain, lol.
I took photos of other classmates work – and a lady named Andi (I think with the i) was so funny – she is the one posing with the necklace over her shoulder (wrong style shirt to wear it in front for a photo so we thought we would improvise for the shot).  Anyway, she kept saying thewhole time about “how do you know what to put together”.  Well she finished FIRST and her INSTICT was perfect.   The necklace tells the story.  Oh and I finished a project in class (kind of cheated with the chain – I want to replace that, but at least the necklace was wearable).

First picture – mine!!!  Second picture – my tablemates – WOW.  She has the height too that just makes this piece PERFECT.  Final picture – Andi and her great necklace.


my workanother excellent classmate’s workAndi and her work

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