2010 Word – GIFT and some goals

Its hard to pick one word for a year.  Not sure how well I did with last year’s word, but the word GIFT can mean so many things.  Appreciate the gift of life, the gift of family.  Treasure each day as a gift.  Treasure the ability to create things with my hands.  Treasure that I have a job I enjoy (actually thats two gifts isn’t it?)

GIFT.  Oh and the joy and hope of the wrapped present.  My sis and I sent each other pretty much the same thing for Christmas.  I unfortunately had also ordered one for myself at the same time so I now have an extra scale.  (Hopefully the 3rd party vendor of Amazon will take it back.)  But the joy we both got from ordering this for each other was immersurable I think.  To find something each could USE sometimes is so nice!

GOAL – that was my other choice of a word for this year, but I went with Gift.  However I do need to set up some goals for this year.

1 – 12 quilts this year

2 – 12 pieces of jewelry this year for presents

3 – 12 embriodered projects this year

4 – 12 soldered items this year

5 – 12 pincushions this year

6 – 12 blogs a year – would really like it to be once a week though!

So  my goals this year are always 12 items of each type!   Off to work on the first 5 of 12 (got the blog entry done for once!)

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