So much for the best laid plans

Ok – so blogging everyday – not going to work for me.  Maybe I need to try to blog once a week for a goal for the month of September.  Well actually I think I best blog every day this WEEK and then for September/October I better try blogging once a week.

August was a great month!  First Art Unraveled in Phoenix and then a week with my nieces in L.A.  So lets start with my most recent adventures.

Los Angeles Garment District- been forever since I have done this.  I took three teenagers clothes shopping in downtown L.A.   I will need to put up a few of the outfits we found.

Oh and the FIDSA Scholorship store in their complex (which is a few blocks outside of the fashion district) was great.  I wish I had a photo of Laura in the to die for red raincoat – a steal at $8.  Emily is after my own heart – when she found the cutest dance dress for $5 – well who could not buy it?   Even Suzanne found things there.

Oh and this is the building where Project Runway is being done this year!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!  Wish that 1) I had known that and 2) that they put the poor designers from the show in a glass enclosed design studio so we could all watch when we were there.

It seems I will be writing in weird order on this.  Comes with when I have photos to go with the stories (excluding this one).  Thus the shopping day in Phoenix is posted and a trip to Dairy Queen in L.A. also.

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