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Journal class with Sue Bleiweiss!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I am in an online journal making class taught by Sue Bleiweiss at Two Creative Studios  called Journal Making for the Fiber Artist.

Its a lot of fun.  I have finished the first project and am working on the second.  I think I am supposed to post these in the yahoo group or such.  That will have to wait until this weekend.  In the meantime here is the first journal!  Way simpler than I thought too, or else Sue is great at written instructions or perhaps both?Journal - project 1

I love this journal!  First – the fabric is one of my favorites – it reminds me of Dad’s measuring ruler, right down the the color.  Then I used one of Superior Threads great threads – this is one their Rainbow series.  Don’t you love the way it flows through shades of yellow/gold?

Best of all I now know what a SIGNATURE is.  I learned that last summer in Josie’s classes at ArtUnraveled.  And that is probably where I got hooked on making journals too.  And here I had only signed up for her two classes to learn soldering and metal etching (one journal had a glass soldered cover and the other had an etched cover).

The next journal is great also because the ‘signatures’ are removable/replaceable.  Oh – perhaps I should state that a signature is a group of papers, usually folded in half, and stitched in the middle to the book.  So as a rank beginner it seems that the # of pages in one signature might be 6 to 12 range (after folding), and that the hand made journals I have worked on or looked at might have 3 to 5 signatures in them.

Silk Screening with Suzanne At “International Quilt Festival”

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

So my 16 year old niece (well not quite 16 then) and I took a class at “International Quilt Festival” in Houston last fall.  Why do I keep putting it in quotes?  Because her friends kept texting her before/during/after the class and could not believe she was a the “International Quilt Festival”.  They thought she was making it up.  So here is some proof she was there…

Here are some candid shots after she had thought out her design, cut it out, attached it to the silk screen, taped it down and finally printed it for like the FIRST TIME.

Suzanne hamming it upSuzanne at work Silk Screening her fish

And then her finished product.  It was a great class by the way.  I would only change one thing – well add one thing to the supply list – prewashed cotton t-shirts.  It could be optional for sure.  But this way Suzanne walked out of the class with 3 or 4 shirts already printed with her design (see below).

Finished product and so much more on the table

It was a small class by Quilt Festival size and three of the students were under the age of 18.  Well truthfully Suzanne at 15 was probably the oldest.  This is a sign that Quilt Festival needs to cater more the soon to be customer base such as these three.  I would have probably brought one other niece if the cost had not been so high.   Maybe Quilt Festival should offer a rate for teenagers instead of requiring the full registration costs.  Maybe just paying for one or two classes (without the registration fee) would be enough.  Also to run more classes like this one where they can leave with a finished product!

So the next day was Laura’s birthday celebration.  Suzanne designed a t-shirt for Laura with the baseball player on the front and the back saying Peterson with an 18 – similar to a baseball jersey.  Since Laura turned 18 it was perfect.  Suzanne can really come up with some very creative ideas!  And Laura knew instantly what it was.

We were very lucky that the teacher gave us tons of paints to take home because while I have almost every supply imaginable they were in Nevada not Texas.

Suzanne working at home with her newly learned Silkscreening skills

one result of her new skills

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Finally posting my acquired Halloween decor from Andria.  WOW!!!  I think my fav was the shoe with the bird (crow?).  Although the ghost with the witches hat/broom and those yummy chocolate sandwiches in it were really good.  I hung the cresent moon in my kitchen window so I could see it every day.

my fav!Swap treat boxswap moon

The witches picture and the notepad were great.  And finally those two images on fabric…haven’t figured out what I want to do with those yet – quilt?  pillow?  purse maybe?  Hmmm – I think I like the bag idea…a purse for the season!

The whole thingfamily portrait?my other favsmy other favs - family portrait?