Heart pockets – round 2!

Have you seen the new blog by Moda designers?  Ok so I have resisted the Moda pre-cut strips and squares.  Well with this they have hooked me!  Its nice to see these ideas PUBLISHED.  and I love things that hook over door handles – reminds me of May Day baskets we used to hang when I was very young on neighbor’s doors.

So this is how my latest batch came out:

pockets for Jackson and Sela with their soldered charm photos

I used the heart yo yo from Clover instead of a regular round yo-yo…just liked it better.

Also I bought valentine ribbon with words on it at Michaels and either doubled it or lined it with a satin ribbon.  Sela’s is a cute pink and brown ribbon that says Happy Valentines Day.  Jackson’s says hugs & kisses.  Eli’s says Love.

And rather than have the 3 pearl drops I went with photos in soldered glass for the bottom of the holders – just in case their parents (my B and SIL) don’t know who’s is whose.

soldered charms as dangles

The link to the project is at the beginning of this entry.  Here are the earlier ones I sent Wanda for her sons…

first penny pockets

And then I did a heart game of tic tac toe!  So cute and SIMPLE.  Found this idea at Make and Takes.    But I cut my heart out of felt and used a great rotary cutting blade that is called victorian edge.

heart game of tic-tac-toe

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  1. Those heart pockets are darling. Thanks for linking to my tic tac toe! Have a Happy Valentines.

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