Year of Color Valentine Swap

The package arrived today so I can release this write up!!!!

So, my partner was Wanda!  This time I actually PHOTO’d what I sent.  I never do and I ask for photos but never seem to get them from my swap partners.  I try always to post what I get (at least part) so they can get photos if they need them.    But I know I don’t always remember either so I thought this time I would actually PHOTO them myself!photo 1

I made two things in this photo – can you tell which?  Well actually 3 things – two are the “same”.  I mad the valentines day door hangers…aren’t they cute?  And I made the bird!  I am in the process of making a few more of each of these so I will explain them later except to say Wanda has two sons so thus the two bags and the bird has wire so can be attached to say a curtain rod for SPRING!  Now the ribbons in the photos – those velvets DO gradate…isn’t it beautiful?  They are vintage…very vintage.  And the cake and candy ribbons – those are not vintage but hard to come by.  I will have to post the designer’s blog here – she does GREAT work!  Piecemakers now has the cake ribbon but with a pink background – Renaissance Ribbons carries this line now.  Oh please notice I did hearty yo-yos on the boy’s door hangers (which can be stuffed with fun items for valentines!).  The final item in the photo are the heart and cupid sticks.  (No the red fabric was NOT part of the present – it was my background for the package items.)

photo 2

Items in this photo – two fabric pieces – I went patriotic since Wanda’s husband is in the US Army!  The left fabric is a repro of an 1800 type fabric, although I thin the modern designers/printers chose different colors!  The second fabric is now, while not vintage, getting there?  Its probably 20 years old.  Isn’t that boy cute on it?  Next to it is a bell shaped candle holder…there is a battery operated light down in there (see the red?)  and its covered with creme and pink heart shaped macaroni!  Looks pretty cool in person, lol.  Its sitting on a home made doillie (not by me).  Next to that is a silicone heart cake pan – love those things…the cake pops right out so you can frost the sides even!  In it is the scrap from sequin punching (silver roll), and two baseball cap pencil sharpeners and a “make two bouncing balls” kit.  The later tow items are meant for the boys’ door hangers.

photo 3

The additions to this photo are the crayon erasers, and the three heart tins.  I just love crayons in odd shapes!  And to get six different colors, well I could not pass those up!  In the heart tins – the bottom one has three vintage buttons, including two great face buttons (like betty boop), and a yellow rose.  The upper left tin has some spring type buttons/beads in the shapes of flowers, fruit, leaves – these are modern and plastic.  The upper right tin has some plastic modern pieces that might be in a cracker box?

photo 4

The final three items (minus the chocolate packing material – for the boys door hangers again) are the t-shirt for the youngest (I silkscreened that one!), the button wreath/frame (I made that also!), and the crepe paper letters and number packs on the left side.

And I wrote an explanation and included it in the BOX!!!  Can you imagine?  I can’t – I normally write it up afterwards and email it with a header like – don’t read until package arrives!  Of course I forgot to mention that I painted the airplane, or the valentine picks at all.  Ah well – overall I did pretty good on this one!

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