Traci Bautista class

At the International Quilt Festival one of the classes I took was with Traci Bautista.  She does very interesting work and it crosses over into all sorts of art forms.  This particular class involved taking a pair of jeans and doing something with it.  Some students decorated jeans (like me) and others cut up the jeans to make other items – purses, scraves, journal covers, etc.

Some students painted on designs, others stamped/painted/combed onto canvas fabrics and then cut those up and added them to the jean fabric.  I had a blast in this class – definitely outside my normal interests.  Laura ended up with a fairly funky pair of jeans (we had bought some cheap jeans at Garden Ridge of all places in case this project did not work) from the class.  And later I made a pair for  each of the girls – Laura, Suzanne and Emily.  (After I checked to make sure they would wear a pair.  I don’t want to make something they would not wear – I would rather give them a pair of plain jeans then so they could get some use out of them. )  Oh, this time we went to Kohls to get jeans for each of them.  (Yes it also helps if the jeans fit, right?)

First photo – examples of Tracis on canvas (to the right and in the back) and a design board example to the right.

Traci’s drawings

Second photo is of Traci demoing in the sewing room.  (In the morning we were in a painting room and the afternoon a sewing room.  The day before Traci had both rooms all day so she thought that was the setup for our class.  Nope as the three of us that worked through lunch found out!  There was another painting class in the “painting” room that afternoon so we had to move all the supplies, fellow student’s works, etc. to the other classroom.  That was an experience!)

Traci demoing

Oh – and the machine she is using is the Janome 6600.  Why do I know this?  Because I have one of these.  Traci has one but as a non traditional type sewer she was unaware of the footlift!  I love those knee press foot lifts, don’t you?  Also, the Janome rep was so nice – he repositioned these machines so each person still had a place to finish their painting (there were two machines per table and since we were a small class we could each have our own table).  Why do I thank him here?  Two reasons – these machines are great but HEAVY and I was the teacher’s pet so I would have had to move them, lol.

The last two photos are of fellow students working on their projects! One is diligently (and beautifully) painting a jeans skirt, the other is positioning her painted canvas with the pieces cut into hearts (wish I had looked at these photos before doing the girls – I would have done different shapes on mine!)

jeans skirt


One of the best things about Traci is how she uses EVERYTHING!  I don’t know if you can see the painting palette of the student – its a piece of transparency film.  Or notice the canvas hearts – some have been painted/stamped with household items.  Also the other leg was done with the oil crayons and rubbing sheets.  Traci travels constantly so her art studio is normally a suitcase.

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