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I signed up for the valentine swap on A Year of Color being run by Artsy Mama.  She has the best swaps!


The rules are a bit different than last year and the previous.  For those we did a heart box full of cupcake holders with treasures related to Valentines day in it…craft supplies.


This year her instructions are:


Your package must include one of each of the following:

*One art/craft supply item (depending on what type of arts or crafts your partner does)

*One thrifted item and/or one handmade item

*One home decor item

*One heart item

How you package these items is also completely up to you. Again, try to package so that your partner will savor opening up each little gift of love. I would say to plan on spending $15-20 before shipping on your package. This can also be discussed with your partner.


And its supposed to be ” a fun idea to really personalize the package for your partner and give them little bits of things that they love.”


Well for my future exchange partner – I love almost every type of craft – you can tell even by the little I track in this blog.    As for thrifted – love old jewelry…I need to add a picture of my earring colletion to show you want I mean, also rickrack, neat wooden containers, candlesticks, pieces of glass (yep I sometimes buy a picture for the glass), old books (so love those),  and almost anything – seasonal decor, old embroidery (use it in CQ work).  Home decor – I seem to be going more arts and craft movement lately.  However I have quilts everywhere and embroidery and etc.  Al so seasonal can be anything!  Heart item- anything!


And any hand crafted item is treasured.  I need to photo what my three oldest nieces sent me for Christmas.  THEY ALL MADE ME SOMETHING.  Let me tell you – that is great.  Suzanne and I took a silk screening class last fall and in class she designed a fish – I now have my own fish shirt!  Also a kitchen towel she silk screened.  (The irony is that I too silk screened one of her presents – a shirt with music all over it!)  Emily made me the cutest animal that we all debated over what it was – its a hedgehog….minus the hedge.  I am going to use it as a pincushion so it has a hedge!  She also latch- rugged a duck pillow for me!     And Laura made a folded ornament – its a technique I did close to her age (too many years ago) but my attempt was on a flat surface – Laura did it on a small round ornament.  WOW.


Last year Suzanne knitted (or crocheted) a pillow for me.  Emily gave me a great butterfly coaster.  Again handmade is special!!


I will have to add pictures soon!


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