Art and Soul – Day 1 and 2

The only day of NO RAIN!!!  October 1st.  Coming from the desert its a bit of a shock to be in rain pretty much 24 hours a day.  I never really felt warm, miss that heat.  So if you are going to Portland from a dry climate – sweaters are a good idea!

So day 1 I flew in – no classes – just settling in, doing some local shopping, etc.  It was fun!

On my first FULL day at Art and Soul 1) it rained all day 2) I took a day class with Stephanie Lee – WOW!  and 3) I took a night class with Jan Harris – WOW again!

Chain Gang – what a great name for a class.  And we did way more than just chains.  The afternoon was devoted to Stephanie’s 3 chain patterns – all excellent and ones I had not learned yet.  The morning was spent on Bezels.  I have Stephanie’s book and now realize that there is way more information in there than I realized – I need to sit down and re-read the book!  The section on bezels I totally missed.

First off – Stephanie’s work is so creative.  Here are some of her class examples:

Stephanie’s bezel examplesMore of Stephanie’s stamping on the backBird Necklace by Stephanie

and My bezels – my bezels

I was using that teflon sheet and that was great.  Considering I literally had a fire inside the rectangle piece in the lower left corner.  Don’t know what I am going to do with my C (upper one) – it was what I had left over in the way of metal so I made it…could be interesting!

And that was just the MORNING part of class.  I will have to post my sample links later. Forgot to photo those!


The Bird with Jan Harris.  Originally Jan had 3 classes with this bird listed – or three versions.  I signed up for the evening – it was the only time I could fit it in and I really loved all of them.  Turns out that was the class that went so we did get to look at Jan’s other classwork.  For ours we had a full size PLUS bird.  I will have to add a photo of mine later with something to give you real perspective.  Here is a photo of Karen holding it so that might help.  And the birdcage (for a smaller version!) that Jan had for another class:

The Bird and KarenJan’s birdcage

Since I still haven’t finished my tail these are important photos – initial build of tail and then how it should finish:

Jan’s bird tail setupThe tail finished

I had to slip in the enamel work Jan did in Richard Salley’s class.  Its upside down but she did a SCENE.  WOW!

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