Day 5 – Art Unraveled

Another class with Jane – Captured! Bezeled Found Objects.

It was another day of soldering but without copper tape. Again a teacher made it way easier than I thought. (Light bulb moment – this is why I take classes – they have already done the work, the trail and error, that would take me months of frustration to get thru (mainly because I stop for a while when frustrated!). Someone once asked why I take so many classes – this is one reason. If I learn one “trick” in a class its the cost of my time/money doing home alone trial and error!)

Back to the class – Jane demoing soldering!


Some of Jane’s bezels:

A sample (of my yet not finished) bezels for the day! A face made out of a washer, bezels to hold a shirt and pants (both are actually lampwork beads I have been hoarding – I want to make them moveable in the bezel), a tire (long story about last trip to LA – scary), my failed attempt for the pants bezel and the heart bezel.


A sample of my tube cuttings (both at home and at class)!


And a trip

to Harbor for said cutter and a few other supplies – thanks for the tips Carol! And I just LOVE new tools!


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