Art Unraveled – Day 3

Ah Wednesday! It was my down day. Ok, to be honest it was my SHOPPING day. And I do love to shop.

Of course the weather was like 106 with a humidity of 60%. What that should be a problem for a Las Vegan? Temperature wise not! Humidity – heck yea! We complain here when we hit 10%. Plus, unbeknownst to me, I was visiting several warehouses that use swap coolers rather than AC.

My first stop was SAS – a fabric warehouse. Once I adjusted to the heat/humidity I had a lot of fun. I added to my collection of fabrics for crazy quilting. Prices were great! I could have a lot of of fun there if the weather conditions were right.


My second stop was going to be Melrose Vintage. Well it was my second stop – but they were closed for the summer. Must be nice!

My third stop was Diane’s Ribbons. First in the title is the word RIBBONS and second its closing this year so hey I thought I should check it out! As you can see from the photos – no ribbons were bought. It reminded me of a shop in Hermosa Beach – a mom and pop craft store. Wonderful stuff that you don’t know you need until you see it, lol.


That was enough on warehouses for me so I headed to the local stained glass store to find a sickle stone and look around. I, of course, bought patinas also and sheets of the copper tape. Oh and some beveled glass pieces!

A quick stop at the bank – cash on hand is always a good thing! Then I went looking for Lonnies. Thank goodness I found it! I got a couple copper sheets (so I had them at home of course!), some copper shapes (precut) – more about that later, and a tripod. That was it – time for home!!!

Later Carol and I went to Lowes – I found it by accident…well we were looking for it and when the address #s went to high I turned into a shopping center and drove thru it to get turned back – there was Lowes, lol. I got my flux that Josie uses…I had ordered the solder already on line. All of this now sits here at home waiting for me to use it! (But I have a couple other projects to complete and mail first before I get to play, boo hoo!)

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