Suzannes Quilts

As my sisters two other daughters turned around the age of 3 to 5 I made each of them a bed quilt.  Proud to say they both still have them and even with heavy usage they are still in decent shape.  Suzanne went into a double bunk bed situation though so I never made her quilts.

So last year (I think?  Maybe the year before?) I finally made quilts for her beds.  Yep one twin and one full.  She and I jazzed up her room a bit that year.

First here are the quilts:


Suzanne picked the colors red and green for her quilt.  Yikes – how to not make it look like Christmas?  Well I mixed in yellow and oranges as you can see and multitudes of greens.  The full size quilt is a wacko log cabin and the twin is three stripes.  I then also made a bed skirt for the bottom, and the curtain topper over on the side.  I was inspired by Denise Schmidt for these – she has a great book out on her quilt patterns and a website.

Suzanne did the four hangings by her bed – they are like cork boards on one side and paintings on the other.  And we loaded the room with paper stars…two reasons Suzanne is a native of Texas (each girl was born in a different state!) and she loves acting – stars seemed appropriate.  You can see some on the window covering.  Like that covering?  Made that and the bed dust ruffle too.  It was a BUSY trip.

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