Bellatoria Exchange – what I sent!

Got packages done and mailed today for the kids for Easter.  It sure would be nice to deliver them in person. 

I also got the packge off to my Bellatoria “queen”.  That was a lot of fun.  I made everything in some way or another – mostly altering things.

I included a great card that has a woman on the cover, with a crown (of course!), saying – “The world does Revolve around me!”, lol.  Her website is

So I went with the “queen” theme.  I don’t know anything about my receiver so I had to make some assumptions -went with a mediums shirt hoping that if she was small and/or a smart dresser she could use it when painting or something to cover clothing.  If its too small I can swap it back…hopefully I will hear from Lori soon and can ask these questions (thus the reason I included my email address!).


Then I did earrings – again I assumed she had pierced ears since so many people do now.  If not I can replace it with a bracelet – but would need wrist size for that!  (Nothing is ever totally easy you know?)  You can see the stones in the above shot.  They are an opal type stone and so do not photo well so that shot is the best I can do.  But boy do the sparkle next to your ear.  I think I used swarovski purple with a finish to highlight the color.  (Isn’t purple the “royal” color?)

 I love the clothes pins that World Market puts out for Easter.  This year there were frogs.  So of course I had to make a frog prince!  He was the clip that held the “tiffany” egg package.    It was an egg decorated in the method that had put out a while ago – a plastic egg covered with vintage book paper, glittered and then wrapped with great ribbon and a button/jewel in the center.  I put the earrings inside the egg.  I put the egg inside a corsage bag (love those bags – you see thru it but it controls the gilter loss to inside the bag, versus all over the box!) and I used the prince frog clothes pin to close the bag.  Oh – I made the frog into a prince using a german scrap 6-pointed star and folded it in half, rolled it and it looked like a crown!

 And the final item – my favorite (although that crown was hard to cut and the earrings I have to admit I wanted to keep them!)…oh so the final item – I did a frenchwire rose roll pillow.  Now the pillow came from Walmart (went in to get the glue for the “tiffany” egg and came across this!) and the top piece came off making it so easy to do the work on!  I need to go see if they still have those!  I loved the “daimond” design on the ends too.  Great little pillow in neutrals!  Ok so I used french wire ribbons just recently purchased from


So my theme was all “queen”:

shirt – royal clothing

frog clothes pin – well just in case the prince hadn’t showed up yet

pillow – to rest the weary head that wears the crown of course

earrings in the egg – royal jewels stored in a royal box

And today I fixed the clock on these posts to my time instead of 7 hours ahead.

Next thing to learn on bloggins is changing the picture at the top!

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