First off – it feels like spring.  I keep getting flowers and enjoying them – right now its Irises!


And Easter is coming so I had to do an Easter basket of sort, but I wanted something that could stay out all spring…


That little bird is from One Hundred Wishes…love it!

Since I had an hour to kill before my appointment I decided it was time to visit Savers – haven’t been there in forever.  So I went in looking for linen napkins, and ended up with WAY more.  I hit the side wall and found a lot of FLOWERS, a bag of egs (that turned out to be a steal – there was at least one smaller egg in each of them…sometimes TWO), some neat deck style cards – I espeically love the “cookie” cards, organzas and the trays.

It turns out I picked up most of the missing pieces for the last two projects on Bellatoria, one of which I had not SEEN yet.  The one tray on the left is PERFECT for Project #4 of Bellatoria.  Can’t wait to do it.  And those gold roses – I want to glitter them, I think they will turn out beautifully. 



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