Project #5 – Jeans

Ok this is a project I have been working on for months.  It took a while to get the settings for the sewing machine correct for this project!  I am actually working on three pairs for my nieces.

Here is Suzanne’s without any decoration on the leg.


First lesson (which I knew and had prepped for) was that it needs to be a special bobbin because I had to loosen the tension so the decorative thread would pull fairly easily from the case.   The second lesson learned much harder was to run the embroidery really slow.  The third lesson learned harder was to ALWAYS watch this type of work on a finished piece of clothing. 


After getting that all done I learned the choice of interfacing was more important than I thought!  I knew it had to be tear away and to use a temporary adhesive to hold the leg, but I did not think to make it a dissolvable one – that would have been much easier.  I had to pull out as much of the tear away as I could and then wash, wash, wash, wash them (in between pulling out tear away) before I could move onto the next step.


I still can’t get out all the tear away I used…its been long more than a day project – I wash and wash and wash.  At this point I best get these to the girls so they can get some use out of them.  I am not attaching the rinestones because I am not sure if I would be attaching them to the jeans or to the tear away and they then could become lose in my sister’s pride and joy (her laundry machine!).

Ok Laura’s jeans:


Suzannes jeans – I enhanced the left photo because it is a really good blend!


And Ms. Emily’s jeans of which there is some tearaway still there but some of this is the pattern too…honest:


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  1. Cheryl says:

    I just got a embroidery machine, and I even went to learn how to use it. I think I will try it out on a old pair of jeans as a first project.

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