Thing A Day – Project 23 – Jenni Bowlin Feb kit

Another kit – I think I have a lot of these!  Anyway this is from Jenni Bowlin.  Alot of times I like the kits for general supplies but this one is too cute as she designed it for me not to complete it now.



note: the key was from another item I ordered from her this month…

So it took all of a half hour to do this kit.  Got to love the speed of it all!  Jenni sprayed hers with blackboard paint – I think I will do that also, but for now here it is:


I got chalkboard spraypaint!  Found at Joanns etc and used a coupon for it.  They only had black, but I think its also available in green.  And at Walmart, while I found no chalkboard spraypaint, I did see spraypaint to make something magnetic.  Go figure!

Here it is painted:


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