Thing a Day – Project 21 – fruit bracelet

Another kit from French General!   Not sure they provided everything I needed in this kit – I borrowed headpins from another kit.  But I got this kit so long ago that they might have been outside the kit (although I have never seen that before with a French General kit).

One thing I am learning WYSIWYG – not true here.  FG seems to cut back on the supplies in the kit – it does not quite look like/contain all the QUANTITIES that are in the photo and instructions in the book.

Here is mine and I used everything in the kit!


Total time for this: 2 to 3 hours

Lessons learned – LOVE how they make the simple loops for attaching!  I am going to use this technique again.  Just goes to prove to myself that I need to MAKE THINGS from the books I have to really LEARN.  Just reading doesn’t always get the message across.

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