Thing A Day – Project 15 – Coral Charm Bracelet

Coral Charm Bracelet – Another French General kit (oh their website is  This is also from their book French General Jewelry .  That book is good purchase.  By the way they are selling the storyboards used in the book on the website also.  Great story boards, its just I have so many of the “pieces” used on the boards (and they are expensive) so I can pass on those!

 First, French General does kit it very cute…it comes like this:


A photo of the kit contents:


Tools used for the project while in work (the glue is off to the side and not pictured – I usually use E6000 or something similar but here I used Weldbond – curious how it will hold up!):


The card you can barely see is from Urbanmaille – love that company and their kits.  Also that postcard with a picture of all the size rings is worth so much to me.  Makes my life so much easier.  Now in chainmaille the gauge of the wire makes a big deal so just knowing the ring size isn’t enough, but for this pattern and following the instructions in the French General book it worked.  And here it is virtually finished – I could not get a good photo in the evening so hopefully I will replace this soon!


Time it took:  I would say 2 to 3 hours – I expected it to go faster…

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