Project #12 – Mosaic Journal

I am signed up for Teresa McFayden’s Sweet Bella – its a project oriented ezine that comes out on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays for the month of February.  This is the third month she has done this.  For once I got a project done shortly after Teresa released it! 

Teresa said start with a Composition Journal so I did.  Remember these?


And I found them in COLORS too!


Then you pick out some scrapbook type papers, tear the heck out of them (talk about a stress reliever), and glue them down.  Finally you paint in between (I loved this method!).  Easy project. 


 Recently on Martha Stewart Crafts I saw a project along these lines except they used one image/paper on top.  What caught my eye was that they used a sports image – a gift for a man.  Also they covered the back and then added nice papers on the inside of the covers.  Ah one can keep gluing!

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