Project 11 – Freezer Paper shirts

So, some projects take more than a day to do.  Here is one of those actually.   I have to search out images to use…that takes a bit.  Once found they have to be sized, then cut out of freezer paper. 


Then they have to be ironed on to the shirts (oh, don’t forget to buy shirts of course!).  By the way – I usually keep an eye peeled at Michaels for when they put them 2 for $5 or such.  That way if I make a mistake it doesn’t hurt as much!


Note the freezer paper BEHIND the front also – this protects the paint from bleeding onto the back of the shirt.  Iron both pieces of freezer paper down.  Also note the little piece of freezer paper in the girl’s pony tail.  You will see more of it in the girl on the swing and the baby in the air photos at the end.  Those pieces are IMPORTANT to save and iron on also.

I use fabric paints.  They need to set for 24 hours before they can be washed, but once dried you can iron them right away.  I use throw away brushes and bowls also.  I don’t mix brushes or paints at this point.


Do dab over the edge of the image, don’t “paint”.

Here are is the pony tail girl:


I left one piece of freezer paper on – once the paint has set it just pulls right off…even the little piece in the middle of the pony tail.

Here are three other shirts I did today:


The girl on the swing is actually turned slightly on the shirt so it looks like she is in true motion. 

This is a fun project – if you (the adult) cut out the image and do the ironing the kids can paint it.  My seven year old nephew does this well!

The types of paints I use should be iron set before washing.   And the shirts should not be washed for 24 hours.  If some of the paint comes off it gives it more of a grunge look which is a good look right now.

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