Project #7 – Valentine’s Day Swag

This idea comes from My Minutia – it was part of her Winter Bella (January) zine.  I of course could not make just one – had to make FOUR.   Well three and well on the way for #4, but I need to mail the other three so I focused on getting them “swagged”.

Lets see – first I had to EAT a tone of candy…well actually I used the candy in this project and another one (see the next blog entry for that).

So you take these boxes and cut out and put things in them…the reason this photo is here is because of the tray its on – got that for a b-day present and now so wish I had about a dozen of them.  I have trays but mine all have dividers.  This was great to glitter on because it was small and had just the one space.


Then I got to paint glue on the boxes and glitter…thus the tray was a godsend…


Oh – you can’t tell they are on the tray because I lined it with aluminum foil – can’t waste that glitter!  This way it was easier to pour back into the bottle.  I used Martha Stewart silver glitter, Glitter Art pink for the alternate boxes and thank heavens Martha Stewart glitter glue.  Why thank heavens?  It comes with a metal brush built into the lid.  Martha and her team do think of everything.  I had three choices of coating/pouring from her glitter jar as well.

And the finished projects, three of them – hanging on a door temporarily before they get mailed…


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