Thing A Day – Project 3

To remind myself – Project 2 was getting this blog finally started.


Project 3 was the Valentines Supply Swap I was involved in.  Got mine off in the mail without taking any photos but I do have photos of what I got from my partner.  Here we go – the outside of the box was beautifully decorated…I would have loved to have saved them for decoupage work but with the tape to keep them in place and beautiful there would be no way that I know of to get them properly sealed.


Then Shelley (my partner) decorated a great paper mache box for me.  Here is a photo of it and the chocolates (hmmm – thats another dessert I forgot I ate!) that she also sent.  See if you can spot the great TAG she made also.  I had a great exchange partner – she MADE so many things in this box!


Oh – its setting on the cute tissue paper Shelley had protected the box with.  And here is a shot of all the bits and pieces she sent for me to create with or admire!


First – Shelley layered the box – see the dotted square behind the box – the ribbons were the pulls to lift it off.  So nicely done!  Hand painted.  Then the first layer were the fabric pieces you can see – the cute kids (darn its an older fabric run so I can’t go find more!), the cut felt heart, the red felt – oh and the images there next to the box.  And a roll of french pages!

In the wrappers there were paper flowers, the heart shapes, the red hearts and white balls (like stamen),the angel wings, the red buttons, the heart button – all great.  A piece sign – I can resin that .  Thats for another thing-a-day discussion.

A vintage thimble and it actually fits.  A paper umbrella like that comes in those “fancy” drinks.  Lots of ribbons –  blues, dots, mini rickrack – a weakness of mine, and a CUPCAKES prints. A couple of bottle caps, a glass microscope.  Then Shelley made me a fabric red heart pin.  I wore it earlier this week on my jacket.  A wonderful soldered piece – something I want to learn to do. And finally crystals and heart beads!

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