February Project #1 Finally Posted

February 1 project

This one was easy.  I had already done 5 of these boxes so I only had to repeat the process.

I had bought these ribbon boxes on sale after Christmas LAST YEAR – early January 2007.  I had sprayed 3 black and 2 crème. 


So I took the last one, pictured here with one ribbon roll set in it.




I sprayed it – quick and easy to do!  It does take several coats though – as you can see in this photo where you can still see snowflakes.   I did not worry about the metal , just sprayed over it.  Nor did I worry about the inside – you can see that its still red thru the ribbon holes.



And finally here it is on the stack, already filled with ribbon.  I liked the black/white color (or lack there of) because I can really see what the colors of the ribbons are.  Makes it easier to pick the colors correctly.



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