Hello world!

After wanting to start blogging for my own personal historical reference to my creativity – like a scrapbook of sort, I am FINALLY doing it.   Why now?  What motivated me?  I signed up for Thing-A-Day.

Thing a day means doing something creative everyday for the month of February.  It involves posting about tit.  Well if I am going to have to post about it and take and upload photos about it I might as well start the blog to record it all for my records.


Now one would think I could start a blog quickly but I had to change my plan.  That takes my provider 6 hours to complete (really very quickly but I wasn’t expecting that of course).  So that took out Day 1 being recorded quickly. 


Then the provider allows me access to the old version for 24 hours (the one I never used of course) and provides me another way of linking to the new version for that time.   Ok I don’t feel up to figuring this out so I have to wait another 24 hours so this wipes out Day 2 being posted on Day 2.


So on Day 3 I am hoping to put up at least FOUR posts…this one and the first three days of Thing-A-Day!


The story of my creative life – it always takes WAY LONGER than I planned. 


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